The Hot Tub Contamination

The Big Bang Theory ‘The Hot Tub Contamination’ Review

In ‘The Hot Tub Contamination’, Sheldon and Amy keep working on their cohabitation struggles, while Howard and Bernadette try spending some quality time together before the baby comes.


As I had hoped would happen, operation Shamy cohabitation is still going strong in ‘The Hot Tub Contamination’. Amy is really struggling to get along with Sheldon because of his obsession to control every single aspect of their lives, and then Sheldon even suggests that he would be interested in going out with other women. While another break up or time apart for them would be too soon, it’s obviously going to take a while for them to finally be able to cohabit in peace. This means that Amy will have to get used to things that Leonard and Penny are already familiar with, adding the extra things that come with living with your partner, like sleeping in the same bed.

The decision to split Sheldon with Penny, and Amy with Leonard was also a very good one. Sheldon and Penny’s relationships has always been the most interesting for how much they’re able to get along and understand each other, even when they’re complete opposites. Leonard and Amy’s conversation was also quite nice to see, as it almost felt like Leonard was passing the Sheldon-torch to her. Furthermore, these exchanges also gave Leonard and Penny the chance to “low-key complain” about their own problems living together, and once again prove that couple cohabitation is always a bit hard at first and that you have to be flexible. However, the most interesting bit about all these conversations was Sheldon telling Penny something he’s never told before, including the sad reason behind his triple knocking routine. Penny’s advice is also worth noting: instead of obsessing on preventing pain he might cause in the future, he should work on avoiding the pain he’s causing Amy at the moment. The conflict ends in a good note in the form of a small gesture that means a huge step for them: sharing a toothbrush holder. It’s a sign that, with effort from both sides, they can actually work things out, while still promising that this storyline could have a bigger impact both on their relationship and on the series in general.

The Hot Tub Contamination - The Big Bang Theory

Isn’t Howard the sweetest husband? He might get a bit creepy and overbearing at times, but if seeing his devotion to Bernadette was already super cute, seeing him taking care of pregnant Bernadette is beyond adorable. Unfortunately for them, even though they wanted to take a vacation together before the baby comes, their plans are ruined because Bernadette is still dealing with morning sickness. Because of this, they choose to stay at home and have their own vacation inside while not telling the others to make it exciting. (On a side-note, I’m actually surprised the baby-gender thing didn’t come up again, but I’m sure it will at some point). What makes their stay-at-home-vacation more fun (and I say “fun” because they seemed to be pretty amused by it) is that not only Stuart, but also Raj break into their house to use the hot tub. Last week I compared Raj’s role this season with Stuart’s, and now the writers have them doing the same thing in the same episode. In fact, seeing them both talking in the hot tub kind of made me wish they developed their friendship more, or that maybe they would share a flat! Raj has been kept in the sidelines this season so far, and Stuart has barely appeared in it, so it’d be a way to kill two birds with one stone. The possibilities are endless.

So far, Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory is doing wonders to make all the characters and their relationships take big steps into more mature storylines (as mature as these characters can get). Raj is the only one who seems to have been left behind, and even though his relationship with women has always been a major aspect of him, introducing a new female character and making their relationship as relevant as Leonard/Penny, Sheldon/Amy and Bernadette/Howard would be really hard at this point. Whatever it ends up being, here’s to hoping the writers actually have something worthwhile planned for him, even if it’s only after the baby is born.

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