The Big Bang Theory ‘The Fermentation Bifurcation’ Review


##After last week’s ‘The Viewing Party Combustion‘ had all the characters fighting about the issues they have with one another, ‘The Fermentation Bifurcation’ tries to bring them all back together with a session of wine-testing for some and Dungeons and Dragons for the others.


Unlike other classic sitcoms like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and How I Met Your Mother, for a comedy series about a group of friends, Big Bang has often addressed the fact that some of the characters don’t actually interact that much. Sheldon and Bernadette not going to the wine-testing (one because she couldn’t, the other one because he didn’t want to) made me realize how little they interact with each other, even if they ended up having a good time playing D&D. Funnily enough, this same episode had a similar moment when Howard and Amy were the first ones to arrive at the wine testing event and they didn’t even know how to make small talk. Unlike the previously mentioned sitcoms, Big Bang has always been more about geeks and scientists and their awkward social skills than about just friendship, but  I still wonder whether the show will make an attempt to fix this issue or if it’s always going to remain as as an inner joke. Personally, I’m fine either way.

What I’m interested in, though, is how exactly will they deal with a pretty delicate topic they introduced in this episode. Starting from the beginning, even though the wine testing outing was supposed to be one to have fun and relax, the return of Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack (Brian Smith) brings some conflict in the group. For starters, Raj’s double-dating situation is one that has been threatening to blow up in his face for a while, and it starts doing so when Claire is understandably offended at him for treating her as “just something casual”. Even if they’re not exclusive, Raj should not take either Claire nor Emily for granted, and he’s been especially arrogant with his relationships lately. On a more serious note, Zack also suggests to Leonard and Howard that their guiding system experiment could have military applications. I was actually (pleasantly) surprised that they would venture into introducing such a delicate and relevant topic. As Amy mentioned, it’s no secret that Einstein’s relativity theory helped in creating nuclear weapons. Despite it being a comedy series, I’m crossing my fingers that the writers will actually expand on it and add in some social commentary. Big Bang has a huge amount of viewers and they have had notorious scientific figures guest-star in several occasions, so I feel like they have a responsibility as a science-oriented series.


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