Web series BFFs releases its first trailer and new website ahead of the series’ release in October 2017.

BFFs is an upcoming horror/thriller web series following a couple of two friends who team up to fight the monsters in their lives. Each season is told in three 10-minute long chapters, the first one being released in October. The show is shot with an all-female crew, and the cast is also 75% female.

BFFs tells the story of teenage friends Wren Starr (Sasha Lennox) and Celeste Michaels (Sterling James). The two teenage girls who become close after Wren moves in with her Uncle Nick, Celeste’s next door neighbor, following Wren’s mother’s incarceration. Meanwhile, Celeste is dealing with problems of her own while she helps her take care of her single mom, who’s dying of cancer. In the meantime, the girls bond over their love of horror movies and comics as an escape from their complicated lives. It’s all well and good until a decision to sneak out and go Trick or Treating ends up with both girls being kidnapped.

A new website has just been launched. The series will also be releasing sneak peek videos weekly, along with its first trailer.

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