Due to the success of the first Best Sites to Buy Nerdy Merchandise post, we’ve decided to create a Part 2. Besides, we have also encountered some new great sites during since then. Here we go!

‘s operation system is very similar to Qwertee‘s. Instead of having a tee for day, they have a tee for week. During these 7 days, you can get a very unique and original geeky shirt for the price of £11! You can choose gender, size and colour. And you get FREE SHIPPING when you buy 3 shirts! Aplentee are very active on their social media as well, constantly sharing and repeating their latest offers through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.  You can also join their newsletter to enter a chance of winning free tees every week. Awesome!

 offers anything you could imagine from the Whoniverse. Prices are not too high, not too low but they can get a bit high when you add in shipping. They include all kinds of merchandising including figures and DVDs. They also have a phone for customer support.

. It’s all about BBC Sherlock. Prices are OK, but there’s not much to choose from. Only a few tees, a couple of accessories and some jewellery. However, these are very well done and very neat. It is a good option if you’re willing to spend some money on quality Sherlock merchandise. Sherlockabilia is also a great Sherlock fan community and you can follow them on their FacebookTwitter, TumblrYoutube and Instagram accounts.

Action figures, blankets, calendars, keyrings, mugs, posters… anything Supernatural-related! They have a Facebook page and an email to contact them in case there’s any doubts or problems. Unfortunately, everything seems to be quite expensive.

. Official shop for the BBC. Lots of DVDs, music, books… They have a special section for every show but obviously, Doctor Who seems to be the most important one!

Forbidden Planet
. If you live in the UK, you must be familiar with Forbidden Planet. It’s a shop of everything geeky: manga, MARVEL comics, Doctor Who books, Harry Potter wands… and their online shop is just as awesome! They even include games, clothes, figures and designer toys. Prices are OK and they hold constant offers.

may not have the most original content but they still have some cool stuff that can be considered nerdy or geeky. They have some fandom stuff too if you search deep enough. The upside is that they have a great variety of stuff, from clothes to wall art, cases and random accessories. They usually throw offers to get a 25% discount on anything in days like Father’s Day. The downside is that the prices are a bit high.

The Collector Zone
. A collection of everything geeky from Harry Potter to Star Trek, Lord of the Rings or The Beatles. There are lots of figures, watches and replicas from these shows/movies. Of course when it comes to this quality stuff it’s always going to be a bit more expensive. You can either order online or call.

If you know any other sites, please let us know in the comments!