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Best Sites to Buy Cheap Geeky Merchandise

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Owning geeky merchandise is something that every person in a fandom seems to desire. Whether it’s to meet a fellow fandom member due to wearing a geeky tee or to decorate your bedroom with what you’re obsessed about, shopping for merch can be considered a common fandom activity

Unfortunately, this sort of items can be quite hard to find when shopping around your town/city. That’s why the first option that comes to mind in most of the cases is buying online. But then come shipping prices and many other problems. This is why we have created a list of sites to buy merchandise for a good quality/price rate. This compilation was made based on my own experience. 

Hot Topic

This site sells all kinds of clothes: tees, jackets, pants, shoes, accessories… They also have band tees for all music fans. The quality is awesome and you find some unique stuff. The only downside is the price: it’s very hard to find something priced under 15$.

I have no experience with this site whatsoever cause everything is too expensive for my taste and some people have complained about late shipping. But I’ve also read very good reviews so it all goes down to your own experience! 3/5

Think Geek

I don’t have any experience with this site because for whatever reason, they don’t ship to Spain (???). They seem to sell only geek-related stuff, including toys, electronics & gadgets and kids stuff. You can view the items by fandoms (Star Trek, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Minecraft…) or per type of items: gaming, movie, TV… Prices are average.

It’s usually quite expensive but you can find things at a reasonable price too. Searching for opinions and reviews, the majority of customers are pretty happy with the offers in this site. People who gave it a low rating is due to packages arriving late/not arriving at all. Low opinion of customer service too. 3/5


Redbubble includes a huge variety of geeky items: tees, iPhone cases, posters, stickers, calendars… They also include a big variety of fandoms. Everytime I can’t find merchandise on some specific less-known fandom, I go to RedBubble and they always have something about it. But it’s not just about the fandoms, you can have items related to any topic (cats, space, landscapes, original quotes…).

This site also gives you the opportunity to sell your art and show your creativity. I haven’t had any personal experience with this site, but reading some opinions I see that some people have had problems with getting the wrong order/size or packages arriving late, however, they comment on the excellent service and quick reimburse  in case there’s been any mistake. 3’5/5


Etsy offers clothes, jewelry, home stuff, art… I’ve bought a tee from Etsy without knowing much about the site beforehand (something you shouldn’t do) but everything went perfectly: right order, right colour, right size. Etsy is great because it gives people the chance to create their own shops with their own items and their own prices. It’s very easy to find things that are made by hand, such as jewelry.

It’s also very easy to find cheap things (like HP rings for just 0,50€!). Of course the shipping price is always gonna be there. But it’s better to get a ring for 5€ than for 12€ which is what you could have found somewhere else! The only problem is customer service, it all depends on the seller! 4/5


Jinx usually has high prices but they make sales very often. I bought a tee on a sale and it arrived perfectly (and they gave me free stickers!). Their products are gaming-based and they’re very limited so this is perfect for you if you’re into WOW, Call of Duty, Battlefield or Minecraft. Very cool and unique designs. Some people complain of slow shipping but mine arrived in under 2 weeks so I guess it depends on the destination. 4/5


What can I say about Ebay that you already don’t know? I have experience both as a seller and as a buyer. It’s very easy to find things incredibly cheap (although they usually trick you with shipping price). My only advice is DON’T ADD SOMETHING TO THE CART UNLESS YOU’RE GONNA BUY IT FOR SURE. We usually do this to see the final price thinking that we can always remove something from the cart (that’s what happens IRL too…).

But the thing with Ebay is that, once you add something to the cart, the seller assumes that you’ve committed to buying that item. Therefore, you can’t remove something from the cart. And if you don’t pay for that item, Ebay will start sending you emails about unpayment and you might get your account cancelled!! So be very careful with that and only add something when you’re 100% that you’re buying it! Customer service depends on the seller. 4/5


Pretty similar to Ebay, except this site doesn’t trick you when adding things to your cart and because it’s not particular sellers, the customer service is better. I know a family who are constantly buying from Amazon and they hardly ever have any problems.

And when they do, they just have to send the package back and Amazon takes care of the rest. Even though it’s not as cheap as Ebay, the prices are still quite good and the quality is better. However, Ebay and Amazon don’t offer as much geeky stuff as the other sites. But you can still find games, DVD, cosplays, toys… etc. 4/5


Threadless is great. I’ve bought one tee that was on sale and nothing went wrong. The good thing about Threadless is that they send you several items in just one shipment. This means that the shipment splits between all of the things you’re going to buy.

What I do with a friend of mine is we both order stuff (we live in the same city) in just one shipment and then we split the cost of the shipment and it ends up being pretty cheap. Very cool designs and high quality products, but the prices can be a bit too high for some items unless they have a sale. Also, you should sign up for their newsletter cause they have constant sales and their emails are very nice. 4’5/5


Let me tell you why I’m in love with this site: incredibly cool tees, incredibly cheap and lots of opportunities to win them for free! Qwertee has this system in which you can submit your own design and get votes for it. Designs with more votes will go on sale. And when a tee goes on sale, you only have 24h to get it. And that’s it. You won’t be able to get that tee anywhere else any other day.

They put 2 tees on sale per day. And prices are incredibly good: 10€ per tee! Shipment is only 3€. I’ve bought plenty of tees from this site because the designs are so cool, and it’s only 13€! Also, by following their social media (FB, Twitter and Tumblr), and liking/sharing/retweeting/reblogging their stuff, you get more chances to win a free tee! I still haven’t encountered anyone who’s gotten any problems with this site. 5/5

Do you know any other good sites? If so, let me know in the comments!

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