What if we told you YOU get to decide what were the best new TV shows, movies and anime of 2015?

That’s right, we are running 3 different polls to find out your final opinions on the best things to come out this year.

This is how the voting is going to work:
  • You can vote for as many options as you want (there’s no point in voting for everything as that would equal not voting at all)
  • You can only vote once per day. Feel free to share the polls with your fandom fellows so that they can vote for your favourites as well
  • Voting starts today, November 24th, and ends on December 24th, so you have exactly one month
  • After the polls are closed, we will upload 3 separate videos on our Youtube channel with the final results in the form of a Top 10

For TV shows, we have only included NEW shows that have premiered this year. Returning shows with more than one season won’t be included. However, we will be conting sequels and reboots for the movies, as there are so many of them. As per anime, only seasonal or bi-seasonal anime are included (12/13 or 25/26 episodes).

Thank you all for your votes! Results will be up on our Youtube channel next week!