This Friday, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate drops worldwide. Ultimate will be one of the most ambitious and hyped games ever released by Nintendo. The game sports an impressive 74 character-basee roster, numerous gameplay options, and tons more. SSBU‘s massive roster also comes abound with some powerful combos. Read on to find out the best moveset combos coming December 7th. Disclaimer: At the time of this article’s release, the game has not come out yet. For this reason, it may be possible that some of these combos might get nerfed or removed entirely in post-release patches. 

1. Ice Climbers’ Desync Combo

One of the most historically over-powered characters in Smash comes back with another 0%-to-death combo. By performing a neutral air attack, jab, and down throw into forward aerial, the Ice Climbers are able to guarantee a free KO. As seen in the video, the enemy had almost no chance to escape the combo. While fans of Smash welcome back the Ice Climbers, players may remember other near unstoppable combos the character possessed in previous iterations. For this reason, Ice Climbers may be a target for nerfs in the near future. 

2. Meta Knight’s Ladder Combo

Back in 2008, Meta Knight was by far the best character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, possibly even the most OP character ever in an SSB game. To do this combo, Meta Knight uses multiple up-air attacks into a neutral-special. With Nintendo’s history of nerfing top characters into unviability, it seems almost out of place that Nintendo would grant a character like Meta Knight such a powerful moveset. 

3. Incineroar’s Up Special Combo

As shown, Incineroar’s up special trades extra recovery for a brief but powerful attack. After getting the opponent off the stage, Incineroar can up-special to force the opponent into the blast zone. Similar to characters’ other up special attacks, Incineroar’s attack does not force him downward into the blast zone, or to lose his double jump. This means that as long as Incineroar is not too far off the stage, he still has a good chance of just jumping back onto the stage. 

4. Luigi’s DI-Up Special Combo

Directional influence has long been a feature in Smash games. DI, as it’s abbreviated, can be performed by using the left stick on a controller to manipulate where your character goes while falling. In this case, Luigi uses his DIs to make sure he always jumps above Isabelle, using down-aerial and down-throwing the opponent onto the floor to consistently deal damage. Afterwards, Luigi up specials to land a killing blow, sending Isabelle into the top blast zone. 

Other Combos To Watch For

There are many combos to watch for in Smash Ultimate. So many that none of them couldn’t possibly be outlined. However, we’ll leave you with a brief video and list of killer combos seen in matches of Ultimate

  • Zelda – Up throw (or side throw into a wall) into an up special.
  • Marth – Charged neutral special to break shield into another fully charged neutral special for a killing blow.
  • Mario – Various aerial mixup.
  • Ganondorf – Aerial/smash attack edge guarding.