Let’s not deny the obvious: some awful stuff has happened in 2016. Pretty much everyone is currently begging this year to please be over already. We have suffered the losses of many loved movie celebrities, like Alan Rickman or Carrie Fisher. However, we want to use some of the space in this positive post to celebrate their lives instead. Not only for what they contributed to the geek community, but for the wonderful people they were and for every single good thing they inspired in the world. Sometimes the littlest things like a kind gesture or a few words are enough to change a person’s life forever. So rest in peace, heroes. You will be truly missed.

And now on to happier things: here are the 5 most remarkable things that happened in fandom in 2016!

Clexa Fandom: “Lexa’s fight is over, ours is just beginning”

Clexa fandom in 2016

It has been a mixed year for the Clexa fandom. The couple became a hot topic in all media and pop culture debates after the death of Lexa in Episode 7 of Season 3 of The 100. Despite all the sadness and rage caused by seeing yet another lesbian character dies on TV, the act also inspired many acts of love and support, not only for the couple, but for the LGBT movement as a whole. The most successful and well-known of all has been the Trevor Project, for which the Leskru has gathered over $150,000 so far. The campaign is still on-going, as other initiatives like this fan art book were born to keep supporting the cause. More recently, fans of the couple have also launched a special fandom-based, creative project called Clexa Rikleimt. Lexa is still alive in all of us, and that alone deserves a place in this list.

Potterheads revived

Harry Potter - Fandom in 2016
It’s like not a single day has passed since Deathly Hallows Part 2 put an end to the Potterverse in the big screen. This year, JK Rowling brought back the magic with the release of the book and follow-up stage play The Cursed Child. However, the highlight for the fandom was certainly the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemFantastic Beasts is also just the beginning of what is meant to be a 5-parts franchise, so this guarantees a lot more magical adventures for the future. One of the most Potter-exciting moments of the 2016 was Eddie Redmayne giving away wands to everyone in the audience during the Warner Bros. panel at SDCC.

Star Trek turned 50

Star Trek 50 - Fandom in 2016

We are ending 2016 with Rogue One still fresh in our minds, but we must not forget this has been the year of Star Trek. The franchise has turned 50, but it doesn’t show signs of stopping. Star Trek: Beyond was among the most successful movies in the box office, and the documentary “For the love of Spock” was highly acclaimed during the Star Trek-themed Sitges Film Festival. Star Trek was also one of the main attractions during SDCC, and the CBS is currently working on the new TV Series, Star Trek Discovery.

… and Pokémon turned 20

Pokémon - Fandom in 2016


Pokémon‘s legacy and social influence might not be as big as Star Trek‘s, but the Japanese franchise is a force to be reckoned with, and its fandom had a lot to celebrate this year. Pokémon Go had everyone on the streets getting fit catching Pokémon. It might have had its bugs, and our batteries might have suffered from it, but Pokémon Go created tons of fun challenges, memories and new relationships in the fandom. This includes the fandom around Teams Mystic, Instinct and Valor, which inspired tons of fanworks shortly after they were announced at SDCC. Finally, the 20th anniversary also brought fans the new game (and anime) Pokémon Sun and Moon.

More same-sex couples on TV

slash - fandom in 2016
The ‘Bury your Gays’ trope is sadly still a thing on TV, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. There has been a lot of progress for LGBT representation in TV, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Plenty of same-sex couples were introduced in new TV shows (spoilers ahead): Magnus/Alec (Shadowhunters), Waverly/Nicole (Wynonna Earp), Charlie/Matteusz (Class) or Philip/Lukas (Eyewitness), to name a few. Anime also took some major steps forward, especially with the realistic portrayal of Yuri/Victor in Yuri!!! On Ice. And even FOX defied all odds by having Penguin openly express his romantic feelings towards Edward Nygma.

These are some of our favorite moments from fandom in 2016. What are yours? Do you agree with the list?