7 Best Fandom Moments of 2015!


2016 is only a few hours away and, just like every year, we have gathered the best fandom moments of the year. 2015 brought us many special fandom moments, from new releases and reboots on both television and movies to new fan movements and projects!

Wayward Daughters is born

Wayward Daughters - fandom - the daily fandom

After the failure of the Supernatural spinoff, Bloodlines, some fans of the series came up with the idea of ‘Wayward Daughters‘, a spinoff series following the adventures of Jody, Donna and Claire. The idea spread like wildfire with people creating social media accounts and even fan art and fanfiction within the first few hours. Far from dying out, Wayward Daughters has only gained more popularity in the fandom, reaching members of the crew of Supernatural and inspiring wonderful things like selling customized tshirts and hoodies to support Random Acts. We can only hope that 2016 will be the year in which Wayward Daughters becomes a reality!

Development of web series

otp - fandom - the daily fandom
Web series are nothing new, but 2015 has seen the release of many new promising web series, many of them fandom-related. Check out i can’t even. and OTP for that! Other series you should be keeping an eye on are REX, Couple-ish and the finale of Classic Alice!

Con Man

con man - fandom - the daily fandom
Next to the Star Wars panel, the Con Man panel in San Diego Comic Con was probably one of the geekiest, most awesome events of the weekend. Besides being part of the cult classic Firefly, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk get fandom. Con Man is a comedy series on their convention experience. Not convinced yet? Felicia Day makes an appearance! You can watch it HERE.


#setlock - sherlock - fandom - the daily fandom
Can you believe the Sherlock special is finally out tomorrow?! Waiting for a looong time is something that Sherlockians are very used to doing, but they always come up with original ways of making it fun. During the shooting of the special, fans created the hashtag #Setlock to gather all the clues they got along with all their speculation.

Gishwhes 2015

Gishwhes - fandom - the daily fandom
Gishwhes is always a highligth of the year in fandom. Misha Collins’ project brings people together and inspires them to do new crazy things they never thought they’d ever do. The main goal? To have fun, make the world a better place and destroy the concept of “normality”! The winners of Gishwhes 2015 were Widdermacker and they’ll be heading to Costa Rica with Misha himself.

Fandom Awards: crazy event!

fandom awards - the daily fandom
This year’s Fandom Awards ceremony during San Diego Comic Con was probably one of the craziest events of the year. The Hunger Games fandom was the big winner of the night, Tyler Posey demonstrated that he had the best bootie of the night, and even Flo Rida was there! Check out the winners for the 2015 Fandom Awards HERE.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was everywhere!

star wars: the force awakens - the daily fandom
The return of Star Wars was the big winner of the year without a doubt. And it’s so hard to choose a single moment for this year! Everything from the incredible panel in San Diego Comic-Con including stormtroopers leading the audience to a Star Wars party, to the release of the first trailer or cosplayers filling movie theaters around the world, the Force is back and geeks around the world are louder than ever!

What were the best fandom moments of the year for you? Let us know in the comments!

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