Becoming A Blackstar In The Green Lantern #5

The Green Lantern #5

Hal Jordan’s most recent journey continues on the vampire planet of Vorr. Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp are back in The Green Lantern #5 and bring us an epic adventure. We saw in the previous issue, Hal decides to leave the Lantern Corps to become a Blackstar. To achieve this goal Hal is presented with a deadly challenge. If Hal is to become a Blackstar he must retrieve 3 pieces of his Blackstar mantle. Each piece he retrieves, however, will come at a cost.

The series, by Morrison, has been a fun change from the runs before. Liam Sharp’s art is beautifully detailed and a perfect fit for Morrison’s stories. The Green Lantern #5 is, in my opinion, the best issue of this run so far. I highly recommend picking this book up and giving it a shot if you are not already. Let’s jump in and walk through what took place in The Green Lantern #5.

Journey To The Church Of Blood

In order to become a Blackstar, Hal Jordan must travel through a dark horrifying town upon the vampire planet. Throughout the entire book, Hal speaks with Countess Belzebeth, who is watching from a distance. During his challenges Hal has to fight off different enemies, from walking skeletons, to a Watch-Maggot. Hal faces each of these challenges without hesitation or much struggle. Hal brings up his run in with the Black Lantern Corps, cosmic tyrants, and gods. Stressing that the fight taking place in front of him is no different.

Liam Sharp excels at drawing this issue. Sharp created a vampire planet that looks just like you would expect a vampire planet to look like. It is dark and scary and looks like something straight out of a knightmare. Not surprisingly, Hal Jordan went on to finish his challenge and has earned the right to become a Blackstar.

A Traitor Among Us

In The Green Lantern #1 we saw Hal speaking with the Guardians of The Universe. During this discussion it was revealed there is a traitor within the Lantern Corps. During a flashback to the scene, Hal is told that the traitor was himself. That’s what the Guardians want the rest of the Corps to believe at least. Hal is given the task of infiltrating the Blackstars, finding the double agent, and destroying Controller MU.

Once Hal is able to dawn on the Blackstar uniform he is ordered to choose a “rebirth name.” Hal chooses to own the title of “Blackstar Parallax,” and makes every Green Lantern fan cringe at the same time. But Hal had to pass one final test to prove his loyalty to the Blackstars. Hal had to execute Adam Strange. We will see what happens in issue #6, and maybe, we will discover who the traitor is in the Lantern Corps.

The Art

Liam Sharp, working with colorist Steve Oliff, created a fun and beautiful adventure. The art of this book without question has been the highlight of the series to this point. One detail that has been constant throughout is how Sharp uses parts of the environment in his drawings borders of the panels. This issue, in particular, was a fun issue to look at. The Green Lantern #5 had a much different vibe than the previous 4 issues.

With each issue so far, Sharp has been able to be creative in different ways. When the series was announced, Morrison said the book would be more day-to-day stories for our favorite space cop. Morrison also promised to give us a look at new planets and creatures and has not let us down. This issue has been the most fun to read in the series so far. The art of Sharp and Oliff makes this issue just that much more enjoyable. It is clear that the art team is enjoying themselves in this book and being as creative as they possibly can be.

Final Thoughts On The Green Lantern #5

We have five issues into this series and it has been extremely promising at this point. The Green Lantern #5 finishes with a cliff hanger making you want issue #6 right now. Morrison and Sharp have been a great team together and are now really starting to get into the role. If you are a fan of Green Lantern, or if you love Sci-Fi, this is a book you should definitely check out. I believe it is safe to say Hal Jordan is not going to execute Adam Strange. However, I am looking forward to seeing how Hal gets himself out of this situation, and if we discover which member of the Green Lantern Corps is an under cover Blackstar.

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