It’s Beast’s time to shine in X-Force #6. As a leader of this iteration of X-Force, he’s at the forefront of the worst dealings that Krakoa has to contend with, and this issue is all about expanding on his new role.

Marvel Comics 2020
X-Force #6 – Marvel Comics (2020)

X-Force #6 is written by Ben Percy (Green Arrow), drawn by Stephen Segovia (The Terrifics), colored by Guru-eFX(Venom: The End), lettered by Joe Caramagna (DuckTales), with design art by Tom Muller (House/Powers Of X). Covers are provided by Dustin Weaver (S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Edgar Delgado (The Amazing Spider-Man).

Beast: The Maestro

X-Force #6 sees Beast commanding his troops, Quentin Quire, Wolverine, Domino, Sage, and Jean Grey, on Terra Verde, in a symphony of chaos. Each member brings something unique to the team, making them an effective and deadly asset. Beast knows each of these mutants incredibly well, giving him keen insight into how to best utilize them, and he’s taking to his new job very well. The synchronicity is beautiful to behold and illustrated fantastically by Segovia and Guru-eFX. This is just a gorgeous, sharp page of comics.

X-Force #6 - Marvel Comics (2020)
X-Force #6 – Marvel Comics (2020)

It takes a calculating mind to be able to utilize your people, your friends even, as weapons. Beast has been pushed to this point of sharpness by decades of mutants being murdered in droves and locked away. Well no more, now that he’s in a position of power and Krakoa has risen, he is willing to do what needs to be done, to ensure peace and security for his people. His mind is the tip of the spear that is X-Force.

The Cost Of Unity In X-Force #6

X-Force #6 reveals Xavier’s secret to unifying the mutants of Krakoa. He wanted to be assassinated, knowing that it would forge the mutants together and solidify the notion that is Krakoa. Xavier’s assassination is the final piece of the puzzle that started in House/Powers Of X. It’s a clever maneuver that only makes too much sense in retrospect.

Marvel Comics 2020
X-Force #6 – Marvel Comics (2020)

Xavier has a long history of being deceptive and underhanded, but this is on a scale unheard of. I will say, the data pages in X-Force often feel much more essential than in any of the other Dawn Of X books. Muller’s press-release-esque design pages are right at home here in this series that’s delivering on clandestine government espionage.

Why Is X-Force On Terra Verde?

Backtracking to yesterday, Xavier and his bodyguard, Black Tom, at a treaty-signing at the Presidential Estate. Before the treaty is signed, they are attacked by audience members who turn into floronic beasts. Black Tom is such an incredible delight here, as he takes himself and his job very seriously. He feels great shame for Xavier’s assassination, believing that he should have prevented it, and will never let anything like that happen again now. You can feel just how much Percy is having fun writing his dialogue in particular.

X-Force #6 - Marvel Comics (2020)
X-Force #6 – Marvel Comics (2020)

Black Tom convinces himself that he has repelled the botanical beasts, as they retreat to Krakoa. Beast wants to know more about these new foes, and so heads onto the field himself, unafraid to dirty his own hands. He and Jean learned what they can from the mind of the president of Terra Verde after the attack. The creatures that attacked the treaty-signing are telefloronic scientists, overtaken by their work. With the knowledge of who they are, Beast sends X-Force into work, bringing us to the beginning of the book.

There are a couple of things here worth digging into. Firstly, breaking into a foreign dignitary’s home, assaulting him, and reading his mind is incredibly nuts. Part of me loves the sheer brazenness of it, but the rest of me knows things like this have consequences and the mutants are perhaps being too bold. Secondly, the telefloronic scientists’ transformations are shockingly similar to the omega cycle. Essentially, they’re natural versions of omega sentinels, which is ungodly terrifying. If there’s one book in Dawn Of X making clear the enemies of Krakoa and flexing their variety, it’s X-Force.

Why Is X-Force #6 So Damn Good?

Sure, X-Force #6 is largely focused on Beast’s role here, but just look at this page of Jean(above). I defy anyone to read this page and not smile. Percy has an excellent voice for each character in this series. Not only that, he understands them on a primal level and leverages that knowledge into incredible displays of action. Segovia’s killer designs for telefloronic scientists are scary as hell and monstrously fun. The storytelling by Segovia and Guru-eFX consistently on display in this issue has you pouring over the pages, taking in as much detail as possible. I’m a huge fan of Guru’s use of pink around Jean in everything that she does as well. This book is a marvel to look at.

X-Force #6 - Marvel Comics (2020)
X-Force #6 – Marvel Comics (2020)

Six issues deep now and X-Force is killing it. I myself am a huge fan of the whole line, as evidenced by my other work here, but even still I hold a special place for this series. There’s so much potential here going forward and you can tell Percy has quite a bit up his sleeve. Even the little pieces of the book work so well, it’s immensely satisfying to see it come together so well. I hope he gets to have this book for a long time to come and continue bringing on the incredible caliber of artists we’ve been lucky to have so far.

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