Hamlet Meets YouTube In Battle For Denmark

<em>Hamlet</em> Meets YouTube In <em>Battle For Denmark</em> 3

…Okay, not in the way you are thinking. This is a modern take on Hamlet. The tale of Hamlet is now told through vlog styled videos with Horatio, the social media intern of it all. We know, it sounds awesome already!

Let us tell you a little more about what Battle For Denmark is!

What Is This Web Series About?

Well, Horatio is showing us the modern take on Hamlet, and all the other exciting characters of Shakespeare’s century old tale. We will follow, corruption, revenge, friendship, and maybe even… a plastic skeleton. You heard that right, a plastic skeleton… you will just have to watch to see what we mean. To get the gist of what the show is about here’s a quick synopsis:

“Horatio, as the social media intern for the Claudius campaign, decides to start a campaign vlog to publicize the campaign, but soon gets high jacked by Hamlet (John Scott Massey) and his drama. As Hamlet is pulled between duty and self, and Horatio is pulled between loyalty and common sense, we see their world start to crumble.”

Sounds a lot like the Hamlet we know and love — so, this web series is a must watch for anyone who loves the work of Shakespeare as we do! The modern take on such a well-known is what makes this a fun experience.

The Verdict: Why You Should Watch!

We have watched the first two episodes and so far… it’s such a fun web series to watch; when Hailey says, “vlog-styled show” she means it! You truly get a vlog-styled show, and it’s a different take on a web series (meaning an awesome take!) This show, created by Hailey Buck was created out of love for television and theater — Battle For Denmark is a blended and adventurous scandal between the both of them.

The comedy and drama we know from the original are what makes this tale endearing to watch; and… honestly, so much fun! You can expect laughs, a lot of them, and tears… if you are a little sentimental like we are.

Battle for Denmark
Courtesy of Hailey Buck, “Battle For Denmark.”

This excellent YouTube series has nine episodes, currently, and it premieres every Wednesday and Friday if you are anticipating the next episode like we are. If you want to know more about this show you can check out the: YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

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