Batman #44
Batman #44 (DC Comics, 2018)

Batman and Catwoman Are Almost Ready To Walk Down The Aisle In Batman #44

Batman #44 sends Batman and Catwoman on their way to the aisle… sort of. They have to first get their dresses, defeat a few beasts along the way, and try… try to have a calm life before the wedding. Although in Batman #44 nothing goes as expected.

Batman #44
Batman #44, DC Comics (2018)

We will be talking about the three wedding comic arc: Batman #24, Batman #32, and Batman #44. All of the issues that have led us to what we read in the new Batman #44 issue from DC Comics.

Catwoman and Batman are Almost Ready in Batman #44

Batman #44 is a great addition to this three comic arc. What I love about this Batman run by Tom KingMikel Janin, and Joëlle Jones is that it connects to effortlessly to the previous comics. If you have been keeping up with Batman and Catwoman since Batman #24 when Batman asked Catwoman to marry him and Batman #32 where she said yes, you will understand what I mean.

Batman #44
Batman #44, DC Comics (2018)

The story of the arcs follows Batman and Catwoman rearranging their lives before they get married. That means, taking care of business such as previous enemies they have, making sure everything is in order and their friends and family know about it, and more so… dealing with their Cat and Bat selves, on top of all of the rest.

The Writing & Art Are Just… Sumptuous

What writer Tom King does especially well is create cohesion between all of these issues. These issues really bring a significant light to the story and past trials and tribulations of both Catwoman and Batman. You never know how many enemies you have until you are about to get married, am I right? Selina Kyle in Batman #44 is on the search for her perfect dress, and she finds it.

Batman #44
Batman #44, DC Comics (2018)

The mastermind artists behind this issue; Mikel Janin, and Joëlle Jones created the perfect wedding dress for Selina. I am not even upset she might have stolen it. It was just too perfect to leave behind, and even she knew that. The art is just outstanding; from the color codes to vibrant but dim blues to indicate the early morning is just perfect.

The Past Makes For A Better Future

In Batman #44, we get a glimpse into the past and the future of Bat and Cat. Again, we are looking into those trials and tribulations and of their past to create a better and more powerful future for the both of them. This comic pays tribute to older versions of both Batman and Catwoman scene-by-scene and costume-by-costume. It truly honors the history that they both have.

Batman #44
Batman #44, DC Comics (2018)

This issue shows us that they have had their fair share of games, but that ends here. They have had fun; chasing after one another, Catwoman playing hard to get, but now they are going to be together forever. That is the ultimate end of the game that they both played throughout the years. Which in a way is incredibly beautiful and beautifully written by King just the same.

An Emotional Issue For Readers & Fans Alike

Batman #44 reminded me of a ‘vow comic.’ At Bruce and Selina’s wedding, this is what their vows would look like. It was quite sentimental because a lot of readers, myself included, have grown up with Selina, Bruce, Cat, and Bat. To see them now on the road to get married is not a surprise, but more emotional than I thought it would be as a reader.

Let’s Backtrack To The Previous Arcs

If you have yet to read Batman #24 and Batman #32, they include the marriage proposal and the ‘saying yes’ by Catwoman in the latter issue. The in-between arcs are meant to show the tribulations that Catwoman and Batman still have to do and take care of well before they walk down the aisle. Life doesn’t stop just because they are engaged, they are still superheroes (Catwoman sometimes) at the end of the day. They still have to take care of what they need to take care of.

Batman #44
Batman #32, DC Comics (2018)

Nonetheless, those issues are a perfect read before you hit #44. It will make you even more emotional (sorry in advance). Tom King still writes the series on both of those issues; however, art in Batman #24 is by Danny Miki and David Finch. And, in Batman #32, the art is by Mikel Janin again such as in this issue as well. The art across the issues is marvelous if it’s by Danny and David or Mikel, or Joëlle — they all really take this series to the next level.

Is There Even A Need For A Verdict?

By far, this issue is one of my favorites from Batman. As a reader, it hit home to read about these characters that are finally getting married and looking back on the good ol’ days. As a reader, I feel like I know them because I have been reading for so long now. This issue is a must read for all fans, if you were skeptical, don’t be, DC does it justice.

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