As you may have noticed, a few weeks ago, we reviewed GIRLS RESIST and WONDER WOMEN under Quirk Books, which were fantastic reads. What is marvelous about Quirk Books is that they are all about empowering women. A good chunk of their library is dedicated to books that empower women. What we have for you today are Basic Witches and Astrology and Me. The first is empowering, and the latter is just fun for horoscope fans.

Summon Your Best-Self In Basic Witches: How To Summon Success, Banish Drama, and Raise Hell With Your Coven (Jaya Saxena & Jess Zimmerman)

The actual title for the book is quite lengthy, but it’s telling. The book does exactly what it calls for, it makes you a better self for your own self. Your ‘coven’ being your favorite team of positive pals you can lean on. This book — from the title — is not what you think it is. This book is actually about self-empowerment and being the best witch-you that you can be.

They have a spell for “How To Wear Bold Lipstick,” and even “A Spell For Self-Care.” The latter is a great section because it’s gender-neutral. A few other stand-out sections we will talk more about are “A Spell To Accept Compliments,” and “A Spell To Make Peace With Your Body.”

Witches are all the rage now, right? Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, CharmedSabrina The Teenage WitchBewitched — there are countless pop culture moments that dedicate themselves to witches and warlocks. Today is no different, however, this wonderful book dedicates itself to witches and warlocks in a better way. This entire book is about spells that make you love and appreciate yourself a bit more. Adding that extra oomf to your morning when you get ready for your day.

‘A Spell To Accept Compliments’ (PG. 66)

Let’s begin with the most minuscule spell, a spell to accept compliments.

This spell will help you cultivate the confidence to be confident and believe in the radical power of your beauty. Perform it for your peace of mind or just to freak people out (both with valid reasons).

Thankfully, all of these spells require things you may have at your house or things you can easily obtain. The great part about being a witch in the 21st century is that it’s so popular you can find everything at your local drug store. The supplies you will need for this spell are as follows:

  • A handheld mirror (large is better; compact is fine)
  • A list of positive things about your face and body, written by a friend, partner, family member, or multiple people. 

And, it’s as simple as that! The spell on Pg. 66 of Basic Witches goes in-depth about how you should perform it. We don’t want to spoil any of the fantastic details, so we will leave that up to you. However, fantastically enough, most of the spells will be similar to that. They will be simple and hopefully effective. 

Is Basic Witches Effective?

Well, of course, it is. We wouldn’t be recommending it if it wasn’t, right? Basic Witches is such a fantastic and empowering read for anyone who wants to have a little fun with magic. As per the season for WICCA, why not conjure up some self-loving, self-empowering spells for you and your best pals? Sleepovers will never be the same…

The Astrology Of You And Me: How To Understand Anf Improve Every Relationship In Your Life (Gary Goldschneider)

Aside from being your best witch all the time, you have to understand astrology. What is a friend-group if you don’t know what sign your best friend is and how they work and operate?

In The Astrology Of You And Me by Gary Goldschneider, we understand everyone in our lives in depth down to how they work, have relationships, their personality as a boss, and so much more.

Each chapter for each sign goes in-depth about who they are and how they operate in their day-to-day lives. After reading this wonderful book, I now know about every single person in my life. I can pin-point what they will do, when they will do it, and how they will do it. Pretty crazy, right?

Now, if you don’t believe in horoscopes, that’s okay. This book doesn’t try to convince you of anything. It doesn’t try to change your mind, it simply gives insight into who these signs are and how they operate. The book is extremely accurate for anyone who believes in the signs of the stars.

After reading it and paying close attention to the people around me, we realized how accurate it truly is. When it comes to horoscopes, you have to read to truly understand what we mean here. Go check out this book, you won’t regret it! Believer or not.