Bæ Watch Wednesday: Sergeant Jeffords

Sergeant Jeffords

Time for another Bæ Watch Wednesday! This is where we here at The Daily Fandom take the time to appreciate a character we love for being an absolute bæ. This could be because we love what they stand for, who they are, what they do and many other reasons. The bæ of the week this time is Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Sergeant Terry Jeffords played by Terry Crews.

Who is Sergeant Jeffords?

Sergeant Jeffords is the immediate supervisor of the detectives from the Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He might seem like a completely muscled-out tough guy, but he’s actually a complete teddy bear and a goofy guy. He is someone that many can turn to for advice or a shoulder to lean on. An amazing right-hand man to Captain Holt and a valuable asset to the team. Terry is the bae we need to keep us steady. But what keeps our bae steady?

Terry Loves Yogurt

If there’s something we love about Sergeant Jeffords, it’s his ability to make us laugh. We love a bæ with a great sense of humor. Terry often refers to himself in the third person, which is a lovable habit that gets pointed out all the time by the squad. Usually, it’s to point out his random obsession with yogurt: “Terry loves yogurt!” However, his love for yogurt has led to his downfall many a time.

For example, the squad was able to hack into his email one time when they guessed that his password was actually “yogurt!” In another episode, Jake, Amy, and Captain Holt all successfully tricked him into eating a GPS tracker on three different occasions! How did they do it? They just slipped it into Terry’s Yogurt.

Terry Loves His Friends

Sergeant Jeffords has spent a long time with his friends and loves them so very much. He is someone who definitely cares and protects those who are near and dear to his heart. One beautiful interaction our Bæ has with one of the gang is when he tries to help Rosa Diaz someone to date. Rosa, having just come out to the precinct as bisexual, was still fresh. Terry wanted to show his support and care by helping her find a special girl she could date.

As Terry tries to learn more about her dating life, Rosa jokes that if Terry had Googled “how to talk to your bisexual friends.” Terry does admit that this is true, but in all honesty, we know it is just so he can communicate with her properly. Rosa is a very closed off person so Terry knows he has to do his homework in order to not offend or make her uncomfortable. He cares deeply for Rosa and just wants to be let in.

Terry Loves Being A Family Man

When Terry first appeared on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he was not a field officer. After the mannequin incident, he gets desk duty and hesitates to go back to working out in the field. This is all because he is afraid. However, he is not afraid of something happening to himself for his own sake. In actuality, he is afraid of putting his family in a situation where they have to live without him. Terry had just had the birth of his daughters and didn’t want them to grow up without a dad.

He knows he no longer has to think about himself, but also has to think about his family. Because of this, there are some funny things he does. For example, he gets a minivan because it is more spacious and comfortable for the family. He also always proudly speaks about his children and all the great stuff he does with them.

Terry Loves Representing

In Season 4 Episode 16, Terry goes through a whirlwind of a situation. He is racially profiled by a fellow officer from a different precinct and has difficulty dealing with it. Terry went to Holt to help him file the complaint, but Holt warned him that there was an off-chance he’d receive backlash. It would not look good when the people of the force are reporting on one another.

Terry ultimately decides to do it because he wants to create an environment appropriate for his children. Sergeant Jeffords is completely bæ worthy of his selflessness. He is not afraid to stand up for what is right and make a difference in his community.

What A Bæ!

Sergeant Jeffords definitely touches the hearts around him and with that how can he not touch our hearts? His lovable character is one of the many gems you’ll run into as you watch the Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He’s someone you fall in love with more and more in every episode where we get to know him a little better! He is a complete and total bæ. Sergeant Jeffords is not the only character we stan; check out one of our other wonderful Bæ Watches to find yours!

Alberto Zamudio
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