Welcome to Bae Watch Wednesday, where I tell you all about the fictional characters you ought to be crushing on. I’m back on my Voltron bullshit with this week’s bae: Princess Allura.

Who is Princess Allura?

Princess Allura of Altea is one of the main characters of the Netflix/Dreamworks show Voltron Legendary Defender. She is an integral part of the Voltron team and a hero. Allura is an Altean, a race of people from the planet Altea, which was destroyed 10,000 years ago by Galran emperor Zarkon at the start of the war.

Luckily, Allura’s father, King Alfor, was prepared. Alfor designed Voltron, so in order to keep the galaxy’s greatest defender away from Zarkon, he scattered the lions. He also cryofroze Allura and her advisor Coran to save them from Altea’s extinction. Altea is destroyed, Zarkon begins a conquest of the galaxy, and Allura sleeps for 10,000 years.

Allura is woken from cryosleep by the five Earthlings who show up in her castle with the Blue Lion of Voltron. She recognizes in them the potential to defend the universe and defeat Zarkon once and for all. Allura helps the five become paladins of Voltron and learn what they need to know to defend the universe.

They already have the Blue Lion, but Allura sends the paladins to rescue the other lions. She assigns each paladin to their lion, knowing what each lion needs in a pilot. Even once they assemble all four lions at Allura’s castle, they have a long way to go to actually become paladins of Voltron. Allura trains the paladins to become the heroes she knows they can be.

While she is heartbroken to have lost everything she knew, Allura won’t let the loss wear her down. She is determined to stop Zarkon and free the galaxy that has lived under his tyranny for millennia. She and the paladins start the Voltron Coalition, which is an alliance of rebellious planets who work together to save the day.

Blue Paladin

At first, Allura is just an advisor and inspiration to Voltron. While she leads the team on their adventures, she does not actually take part in many of their missions, instead directing them from the castle. Which is not to say she isn’t integral to their success; just that Allura isn’t on the front lines. That soon changes, however.

When Shiro, the pilot of the Black Lion and head of Voltron, disappears, the team faces a shuffle. The Black Lion chooses Keith, whom Shiro had been grooming to take over in case something happened, as its new pilot. That left the Red Lion, Keith’s former lion, in need of a pilot. Allura hoped she could pilot Red, as her father had previously been the red paladin.

However, the Red Lion doesn’t open up to Allura, leaving her feeling lost. Allura is meant to be a paladin — just not the red one. Instead, Red chooses Lance, who had previously piloted the Blue Lion. Blue then chooses Allura. The round of “musical lions” leaves the team shaken for a bit, but things soon even out.

Allura takes some time to get used to being the blue paladin. She’s used to flying her massive castleship, not a fast warcraft like the Blue Lion. She’s also not used to working on a team. She soon proves that she’s a good teammate, however, and clicks with the rest of the team. The new paladins of Voltron continue to work to free the galaxy from Galra control.

Shiro eventually returns to the team and to the Black Lion, but Allura continues to pilot the Blue Lion. The paladins manage to subvert Galra control in a large portion of the universe, leading Allura to see and end to her battle.


Things get a little more interesting with the addition of Lotor, son of Zarkon. Lotor defected from the Galra and allowed himself to be captured by Voltron. He tried to prove his worth by giving them intel and told Allura he wanted to find a way to lead the Galra without resorting to the brutality of their past.

Lotor is half-Altean, so Allura feels a strange connection with him. When he seems to check out, Allura begins to reluctantly trust him and the two work to recover lost Altean knowledge. Voltron was formed through Altean alchemy by Allura’s father Alfor. She and Lotor try to recover the knowledge of alchemy to find a new energy source for the galaxy.

Allura and Lotor travel to Oriande, a mythical land said to hold knowledge of Altean alchemy. While there, they bond further over their shared heritage. However, when it comes time to receive the knowledge, only Allura is found worthy. Lotor, violent and dangerous, is not. With Allura’s knowledge of alchemy, however, Lotor’s plan moves forward.

The two build a ship that can enter an interdimensional rift to gain quintessence, a power source. However, it is revealed that Lotor has been experimenting on Altean colonists. Allura is aghast at what he has done and rejects him. Voltron fights Lotor in the rift, and nearly lose everything. In the end, they survive, but Allura must sacrifice her castle, a remnant of Altea.

Having lost the castle and three years in the rift, the paladins return to Earth to regroup. They find that the Galra has attacked Earth, and now must work together to save their home. Allura has lost her home but wants to save the home of her friends. They save the day, though the mission continues…

Why is Princess Allura Bae?

Listen I’m still not really comfortable with talking about animated characters as attractive. Is it weird? I feel like it’s weird. Uhhhh… this is why I usually talk about non-animated characters.

Princess Allura is very pretty. As an Altean, she looks mostly like a human, with the exception of her pointed ears and Altean markings on her face. With shimmering blue eyes and luxurious white hair, it’s not hard to see why Lance has a massive crush on her. She’s pretty, but don’t underestimate Allura.


Pretty though she may be, Princess Allura is no wilting flower. Don’t be fooled by her grace or her royal title: Allura kicks ass. Even before becoming the blue paladin, Allura doesn’t hesitate to fight. She sometimes joins the paladins in combat on missions, and more than holds her own.

In fact, half the reason the paladins are any good at fighting in the first place is because Allura trains them. The Altean combat training she puts them through is rigorous, but she has no problems with it. While the paladins are good fighters, they are nowhere near Allura’s level just from her basic Altean education.

Once she becomes a paladin, Allura takes things up a notch. She displays a remarkable talent for flying the Blue Lion, but the paladins do a lot more than just pilot. They often end up on ground missions as well and have to fight Galra and their drones face to face. Allura is often right in the thick of things.

Each paladin has a weapon suited for their individual needs and combat style. Allura wields what the Voltron wiki calls an “energy chain sword,” which is something akin to a whip. She is proficient in fighting with this very unique weapon and frequently handles many enemies at once. Despite not being an original paladin, Allura fights well with her team.

Allura even manages to go one-on-one with one of the biggest villains in Voltron, Haggar. Haggar is a Druid, a magic-wielding witch who works for the Galra, despite being Altean. Though most other characters can’t even touch Haggar, Allura manages to hold her own. Some of this is due to being Altean, but a lot of it is just that Allura really kicks ass.


However, Princess Allura is not just — or even, I would say, primarily — a kick-ass hero. She is also a young(ish) woman existing in a very harsh galaxy. When she first awoke from cryosleep, she learned that her people were killed, her planet destroyed, and her enemies have controlled the galaxy for 10,000 years, all of which she missed.

It would be easy, justified even, for Allura to be a closed-off individual concerned only with vengeance or justice. After enduring so much trauma, it would make sense if Allura wanted nothing to do with relationships, and refused to open herself up to more hurt. An Allura focused only on the mission would make sense.

What we get instead is a sweet person who genuinely cares. Yes, there are times when Allura’s traumatic past causes her to be harsh. When Keith discovers he is part-Galra, Allura is cold to him. She sees him as a part of a race who destroyed her planet and killed her people. Allura also has a tendency to act rashly when it comes to all things Altean.

However, for the most part, Allura is genuinely sweet. She later apologizes to Keith for being harsh with him. She knows that he is in no way to blame for Zarkon destroying Altea. While she still struggles with other Galra, she tries, and even forms an alliance with the rebel Galran group the Blade of Marmora.

With the paladins, Allura is sweet and friendly. She genuinely cares about them; there is no holding herself back. Instead, she lets herself form genuine connections with the people she cares about. She truly loves Coran, her remaining connection to her past, and her Altean mice. She even forms romantic attachments. Princess Allura is just a genuinely nice, friendly person.

What’s Not To Love?

Voltron has a stellar cast of characters. All the paladins are great. Yet among them all, Princess Allura stands out. She is an icon, a symbol of justice and hope for the galaxy. At the same time, she’s a goofy, sweet teenage(ish) girl trying to find her place in the galaxy.

Allura earned her place as the main character. She started off as a leader and an inspiration. She was even considered a goddess at first by the primitive race on the planet where she slept. As a symbol of hope, Allura inspired the galaxy to believe there could be a way to freedom, a future without Galra enslavement.

As things changed, Allura continued to be a hero. She left her castleship and her position as a leader to become a paladin. As the blue paladin, Allura had to learn how to work as a team and how to take orders. But despite her initial rocky beginning, Allura becomes an integral part of the team and a kick-ass paladin.

Allura has seen a truly dark galaxy. In her youth, she saw the Galra empire begin to turn towards dark paths. She lost her family, her home planet, and even her own era, forced into cryosleep to save her life. But she never loses hope. Allura continues to fight and continues to feel. She never closes herself off or gives in to despair.

It’s no wonder that Allura captures many eyes during the course of Voltron. Lotor was distracted from his mission by his feelings for Allura. And while I don’t ship Allurance (I have other thoughts), I can’t blame Lance for being in love with Allura. Because, at her heart, Princess Allura is just a good person who wants to make the world better. What’s not to love about that?