Welcome to Bae Watch Wednesday, where I tell you all about the fictional characters you ought to be crushing on. This week’s bae is Lucifer Morningstar!

Who Is Lucifer Morningstar?

Lucifer Morningstar is the titular protagonist of Lucifer. Once upon a time, Lucifer was an angel (and, supposedly, God’s favorite son). Then, he led a rebellion against God’s rule of heaven. When he lost, he was cast out of heaven and sent to rule over hell. For eons, Lucifer dutifully ran hell, overseeing the torture of guilty souls. He would occasionally sneak up to Earth to spend a little time, although he was always sent back to hell by his oldest brother, Amenadiel. On one of these trips, though, Lucifer strikes a deal with Amenadiel, helping him out in exchange for not having to return to hell.

On a beach.
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Deal struck, Lucifer decides to stay on Earth. He’s sick of doing what God commands, realizing that he will never be able to please his distant and unforgiving father, so he takes a vacation and sees what Earthly life has to offer. He started a nightclub, Lux, and lived a life of debauchery and excess. He also gained a reputation for giving favors. Young starlet Delilah, whom Lucifer helped to fame, was killed in a drive-by shooting. She dies in Lucifer’s arms. Blaming himself, and angry, Lucifer decides to catch and punish Delilah’s murderer.

He joins forces with LAPD Detective Chloe Decker, who is on the case. Chloe fascinates Lucifer since she seems to be immune to his devilish charms – literally. He is usually able to influence people to do what he wants, but Chloe only sees him as an annoying obstacle. However, his talents are put to good use finding Delilah’s killer. Unfortunately, the killer shoots Chloe. Lucifer, enraged over the man’s actions regarding both Chloe and Delilah, shows his true face, driving the man mad. Still, the case is resolved and justice is served.

Civilian Consultant

Lucifer realizes that he enjoyed himself in the case. It was satisfying to punish the guilty before they died, and he is still fascinated by Chloe. So, he finagles things to get himself assigned as her civilian partner. Although Chloe is significantly annoyed by this, she goes about her job as normal. Lucifer actually helps out a lot, despite his dilettante behavior, and the two develop something of a friendship. This is good because Lucifer’s only “friend,” the demon Mazikeen who came up from hell with him, begins working with Amenadiel to try and force Lucifer to return to hell and do his job.

Chloe Decker drags the main character out of a crime scene.
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Lucifer began seeing a therapist, Dr. Linda Martin. Although Linda believes that Lucifer is slightly delusional and sees his emphasis on divinity as a metaphor, she does her best to help Lucifer. He’s got a lot of issues, and they try to work through them as best they can. Things get really rough for Lucifer, especially when it comes to his family. Amenadiel, who has cut Lucifer a break, “falls” from heaven. Their mother, the Goddess of all creation, escapes from hell and plots to overthrow God. Then, Lucifer’s brother Uriel comes from heaven to force their mother back to hell.

Lucifer is given a choice: save his mother or save Chloe. Desperate, Lucifer kills Uriel. This causes a huge breakdown, as he sees himself as the monster he never wanted to be. Worse, Lucifer discovers that Chloe was put in his path by his father. They had been heading toward a romantic relationship, but Lucifer, angry and refusing to be manipulated, leaves. Chloe doesn’t understand, but she does her best to return to normal life. They continue as they were, solving crimes and having an unlikely friendship.

The Devil, “Lucifer Morningstar”

Things go well for a while, but it doesn’t last. Chloe’s life is put in danger, and Lucifer uses his divine power to save her life. He kills the man who put her in danger, and his devilish face is revealed. Chloe, realizing that Lucifer has always been the devil he claimed to be, runs away. She goes to the Vatican to study up on her theology, where she falls under the sway of a fanatical priest, Father Kinley. Kinley urges Chloe to use her position to trap Lucifer in hell.

Lucifer Morningstar on the throne of hell.
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Returning to LA, Chloe asks Lucifer on a date. There, she plans to drug him so that Kinley can perform an exorcism. She has a last-minute change of heart, but things have been ruined anyway. Lucifer realizes that Chloe will never accept him as he is. Heartbroken and rebounding, he starts a relationship with Eve, who has left heaven in search of an exciting life with Lucifer. Kinley reveals a prophecy that evil will come to Earth when the devil finds his first love, so Lucifer breaks things off with Eve. Desperate to get him back, Eve partners with Kinley to send Lucifer to hell, where she can rule with him.

They bring demons to Earth to convince Lucifer to go home. Lucifer rejects them, wanting to stick with his chosen life. The demons kidnap Amenadiel’s son, Charlie, to groom their own king. Lucifer and his family fight to protect Charlie, but he realizes that they are all in danger as long as he is not in hell. He decides to return, though Chloe confesses her love in an attempt to get him to stay. Although Lucifer loves her back, he has to protect his loved ones and ends up back on the throne of hell.

Why Is Lucifer Morningstar Bae?

In some mythology, Lucifer Morningstar was the most beautiful of all the angels before his fall. Well, Lucifer runs with that, although he is definitely still gorgeous even after his failed rebellion and time in hell. Lucifer Morningstar is hands down one of the most stunningly attractive characters I have ever encountered in any medium.

Lucifer Morningstar leans on a Corvette convertible.
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Played magnificently by the unfairly gorgeous Tom Ellis, Lucifer is more than enough to capture any and all attention (especially in his top tier suit wardrobe). Like, to be fair, there’s more to this character than looks. But he is definitely a looker (and, to be honest, kind of a himbo).

Devil’s Advocate

Last semester I wrote a 20+ page paper asking one simple question: can the devil be redeemed? The conclusion? Yes, if he’s Lucifer Morningstar. Lucifer provides a poignant story of a truly likable and redeemable character, who just so happens to be the literal devil. Then again, one of the more interesting facets of the show is that the devil isn’t really all that bad. He didn’t ask to rule hell, after all, and for all his temptation, he never forces anyone to do something they don’t want to.

Lucifer Morningstar sits at a piano.
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This insistence on Lucifer’s goodness is a complex part of the show. On the one hand, Lucifer defends himself against his unearned reputation. This comes up a lot in his sessions with Linda, especially once she knows the truth about who Lucifer really is. On the other hand, Lucifer almost takes pride in being who he is. He rejects his angelic nature, even going so far as to repeatedly cut his wings off. He is proud to be the devil – he just wants people to know what that really means.

Of course, Lucifer’s conflicts with his own self-image are a driving factor in the show, especially in the fourth season. His self-worth breaks down and you realize all his prior ego was bravado. As he faces the truth – that he hates himself and who he has become – he literally transforms into a caricature of the devil. But the point of the show is that that is not who he really is. Lucifer is a fallen angel, but he is still an angel. He is good at heart, as we see in the ways he interacts with the people he cares about and his quest to find justice. He just needs to forgive himself and remember who he is.

Your Honor, He’s Baby

Lucifer works hard to redeem the devil on a grand scale, but there are so many other, smaller moments that reveal how endearing Lucifer Morningstar is. Some of these moments, sadly, are borne out of pain. In the moments where Lucifer is confronted with reality and heartbreak, a softer, more tragic side of him comes out. Seeing him reel in pain after killing Uriel to save his mother, or realizing that Chloe can never truly love him as he is, you see that despite all his charm and his shallow façade, Lucifer really cares. He cares deeply, and that comes back to hurt him time and time again.

Lucifer Morningstar drives a car with Trixie Decker in the passenger seat.
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Of course, Lucifer doesn’t like to believe that he cares. His shallow façade is necessary for him to get through life after everything he’s been through. And it takes a lot of therapy with Linda to get to the point where he is able to be open and honest about his feelings. But he still shows how much he cares about his actions. Even from the start, with Delilah, we see there is more to Lucifer. Delilah owes him a favor after he helped her make it big. Rather than asking for anything nefarious, Lucifer asks Delilah to get her life together after a rough patch.

It’s the little moments where we see how much Lucifer cares. He checks in with Chloe’s daughter, Trixie, despite professing to hate children. He threatens a friend’s brother to stay in line, rather than risk disappointing his friend. And in romance, soft Lucifer reigns supreme. He may have a reputation as a bit of a thot, but when he really cares, it shows. He is so gentle with Chloe, time and time again. Lucifer may be the devil, but he’s also a big softie.

What’s Not To Love?

Lucifer Morningstar is the devil. He’s outspokenly honest about it (though no one believes him). Although he himself admits he doesn’t deserve much of the way humanity views him, he accepts that he is the devil nonetheless. He takes great pride in being the prince of temptation, particularly in terms of sexuality. He is brutal in exacting punishment, after an eternity punishing guilty souls in hell. No matter which way you slice it, Lucifer is the devil. But he’s so much more than that.

Lucifer Morningstar shows off his angel wings.
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Over the course of four seasons, we get to know who Lucifer Morningstar really is. He’s an angry son, lashing out against a tyrannical father. Lucifer hates what his father made him, and refuses to play along with any of God’s plans. Family is rough when it comes to divinity, but Lucifer still manages to make his own little group. He’s Amenadiel’s annoying little brother, but they have each other’s backs. When it comes to the Goddess, Lucifer is her baby, and he is determined to protect her, even after they had a severe falling out. Because when it comes down to it, Lucifer cares about them all, and he can’t hide it.

The fact of the matter is, Lucifer Morningstar cares deeply. He cares about finding justice for those wronged and protecting the innocent. He cares about the people he gets to know, from his romance with Chloe to his friendships at the precinct. And he cares about humanity, though he’d rather not admit it. He just needs to learn to care for himself. Despite his massive ego, Lucifer is full of self-hatred and doubt. But with season five on the way, hopefully, we’ll see what happens when Lucifer learns who he really is: someone who is loved, and worth loving.