Bae Watch Wednesday brings you an amazing character that you need to be crushing on if you aren’t already. This week we have Eleanor Shellstrop. There are layers to Eleanor that make her a true bae. This wonderful leading lady is someone you can learn from, and start crushing on as you watch.

Who Is Eleanor Shellstrop?

Eleanor Shellstrop
The Good Place | NBC, 2019

Eleanor Shellstrop is our leading lady from The Good Place portrayed by Kristen Bell. The show is about her being in the Good Place despite her past actions. She struggles with this: her guilt of being in paradise and the prior life she led. However, she decides she can improve herself and enlists Chidi, an ethics professor, to teach her.

Eleanor Shellstrop Reminds Us To Be Ourselves

Since episode one, Eleanor has always been true to herself. Eleanor does not attempt to impress people through a fake version of her true character. At times, it can seem easier to put on a facade in order to get the acceptance of others. Eleanor, however, shows us that you can be exactly who you want to be and still find the love and acceptance of others.

Eleanor Shellstrop
The Good Place | NBC, 2017

She Reminds Us That We Can Grow

Through her discovery of her misplacement in the Good Place, Eleanor Shellstrop took it upon herself to enlist Chidi to help her improve. She could have just pretended to be someone else and not stress. Eleanor is not proud of who she was and therefore got Chidi to have impromptu ethics classes with her. The class sessions that Chidi had for Eleanor allowed her to become selfless and considerate. She might not have been the biggest fan of the classes, but she persevered through them.

The classes Chidi held for Eleanor to help her change and we can see that as the show progresses. For example in the episode “Michael’s Gambit,” she was willing to sacrifice her spot in the Good Place in order to save her friends. The Eleanor we met at the beginning would never have done that. She probably would have tried to guilt-trip Chidi or trick Tahani into going. She changed immensely throughout the show.

Eleanor Shellstrop Is Open

One of the best things about Eleanor is her ability to be open with those she loves. Despite her struggles, she is always standing on the front lines for her friends. In the “Janet(s)” episode, she opens up to Chidi about how she discovered their past romance. It is not easy for Eleanor to discuss their past romance, but she talks to Chidi, regardless of the vulnerability she felt.

Eleanor Takes Care Of Her Loved Ones

Eleanor Shellstrop
The Good Place | NBC, 2018

For Eleanor, it can be hard to see a loved one hurting. Even though it can be hard for her to be the bigger person, she will always put other’s needs before her own. Her sense of compassion for her friends allows her to become more selfless. We see glimpses of her compassion when she stumbles upon a crying Tahani at the beginning of the season. Instead of taking the chance to kick her while she’s down, she consoles Tahani about her troubled relationship.

She Makes Us Feel Strong

Eleanor Shellstrop is strong-willed and independent. Young women can learn to be just as strong and fierce as Eleanor, who is a great role model. Everyone can take a lesson or two from her drive and strength. We must also applaud the representation of a strong woman in mainstream media. Instead of the typical damsel-in-distress mold, Eleanor paves the way for more gender equality.

Eleanor Shellstrop Is Bae Worthy

This hilarious and amazing woman is definitely a bae if there’s ever been a bae. We can all learn a thing or two from her just by watching her in The Good Place. Seeing her character flourish and really become a better person is truly inspiring. The Good Place is an amazing show that is enjoyable for its interesting premise and witty humor. Moreover, Eleanor is simply reason enough to watch The Good Place over and over again. It’s filled with amazing episodes and memorable moments.