This Bæ Watch Wednesday we will have not one, not two, but three Bæs. Yes, that’s right, three of them this fine Wednesday. That means, Harvey Kinkle from OTP Tuesday is back in Bæ Watch, Nicholas Scratch (for reasons) and Ambrose: the man, the pansexual legend, Ambrose.

Now, usually, we would have one Bæ – but, since this show just premiered back in October there’s not enough info on one for a whole piece. So, why not talk about the three main protagonists of CHILLING ADVENTURES and boast about them all? Who doesn’t love three Bæs on one fine Wednesday? More to choose from am I right? Hopefully, Colleen won’t mind me changing things up a bit in the Bæ Watch for this week.

First Bæ First — Harvey Kinkle

Now, you might have read the OTP Tuesday for Sabrina Spellman/Harvey Kinkle, and if you did, there’s a good basic idea of who Harvey is. However, what makes him Bæ might be a bit different. There are many reasons he is actual bæ. Not only his looks but his heart. Harvey is genuinely a grade A guy with a ton of good and pureness in his heart that we are undeserving of. Aside from his relationship with Sabrina, which is telling because now we know how he would be as a boyfriend, he is a great son, brother, and friend. Harvey is often backing his friends, Rosalind and Susie.

He doesn’t care if it makes him a feminist, feminine, or a boring guy. He simply does it because he cares. And, he cares about his friends, he cares about their happiness. Isn’t that just the cutest? Plus, have you seen him in a crop top? There’s not much on Harvey from just the one season he appears in, however, he is played by Ross Lynch — the one and only. Throughout the first season, nonetheless, Harvey shows us who he is. A person with passion, drive, and a strong will to do what he loves. He wants to draw, and he wants to find his way around this godforsaken world. He doesn’t quite do that in the first season, but who knows about the second?

Second — But Never Second Place: Ambrose Spellman

Now, Ambrose Spellman was the underdog. The underrated bæ of all bæs. He was truly a magnificent character to the show and, boy, was he fine. I mean, it’s one thing to be fine, but to be Ambrose fiiiiiiine is another story. Ambrose is Sabrina’s cousin and he is openly pansexual. He actually has a boyfriend towards the end of the season of CHILLING ADVENTURES. Pretty cool, right? Well, if you keep up with Chance Perdomo’s social media, he’s quite a cutie there too. Can you believe a guy in 2018?

Throughout the season, however, he is catty. Very sarcastic and witty — which is a high quality in my book. Ambrose will do the dirt to get in trouble, but, at the end of the day, find it was worth it. Such as his stature at the beginning of the season. He is prisoned for eternity for trying to blow up the Vatican. I mean, wouldn’t we all do it after his reasoning? Ambrose would be the perfect person to date, I never want to leave my house and since he can’t leave his — it’s the perfect spot for cuddling, watching TV, and cooking… or, doing spells to cool for us, but you get what I mean here. 

Last — but (Gosh) Certainly Not Least — Nicholas Scratch

The mysterious new guy in Greendale is Nicholas Scratch. While, at first, I was kind of like “meh, he’s just trying to steal someone’s girl.” After the season ended and I caught Gavin Leatherwood on social media, I fell in love. Instantly. Nicholas Scratch is such a charmer, even telling Sabrina they can be a bit polyamorous if they wanted to be. At least he’s honest, right?

While he is not in that many scenes, the ones he takes place in… take the girls by swoon. He helps Sabrina often and it’s kind of cute when he does it. He has this smile, you know? Nicholas Scratch is bæ because he’s mysterious and cute, also sweet (from what it seems). While he came in from the background, he has a lot to prove. With Sabrina on the single side of life, who knows what could happen? We may have a new OTP?

Enjoy The Bæs For Days!

While this was a different version of OTP, it was much-needed. Since the first season didn’t give much to these characters, they are bæ from what we have seen. Of course, after the second season, there will be more of a dynamic to base these characters on since we will know much more about them. However, since most of the first season was about Sabrina, we really only get Harvey and a little but of Ambrose.

Barely any Nicholas Scratch, but he’s cute, so what? Being cute can make you bæ, and, in this case, he’s incredibly a bæ. If you loved Harvey, Ambrose, and Nicholas as much as we did from CHILLING S1, let us know by Tweeting at us, commenting below, or yelling at us on Tumblr!