They are calling this web series “BAD TIMING” a zombie rom-com by Andy Goldenberg; however, it is more like a kickass, zombie, rom-com? That sounds like a lot, but trust me — you will be impressed. BAD TIMING is the next best YouTube web series you should know about. You should have already known about it, but better late than never as I always say. So, let’s get into why you should watch BAD TIMING!

What Is BAD TIMING About?

BAD TIMING is based around Andy, an awkward IT guy, you know the ones that do the computers? That guy. It means information technology, but it’s super rad. Anyways, that guy has finally got a chance with the girl of his dreams. There is always a catch, though — he has a chance with the girl of his dreams, but it’s after a zombie apocalypse. We begin and end with a cliffhanger — buuuuut, lucky for you — season two just dropped. So, you can binge watch and continue the story just as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The Cast of BAD TIMING 

The project was directed by Cameron Fife (Killing Diaz, A True Story) and Andy Goldenberg and stars Aqueela Zoll (Wrong Turn 6, Fighting with My Family) and Michael Foster (The Thundermans, Axeman 2: Overkill). We also have Lisa Raggio (Private Benjamin, G.I. Joe) as Phyllis, Andy’s overprotective mother, and Becca Leigh Gellman (Law and Order: LA, Secret Life of the American Teenager) as Sam, her idea of a perfect girl, with Goldenberg as the schlubby hero.


You can find the entirety of season one and two in mass quantity on YouTube. Direction and production wise this series is killer — it is a good damn web series. Or, YouTube series? It’s a little bit of both since it’s on the interwebs.

The Verdict

BAD TIMING is good. And, by good — we mean great. The acting is fantastic, the script is unique, and the blood looks delicious like ketchup. Which is a plus because you can think about fries as you’re watching the series and everyone loves fries?

This YouTube series is fun, comedic, and entertaining — it doesn’t miss the mark. If you have the time and even if you don’t you should make the time to watch this YouTube series. Season one (attached above) is good, so watch it because at the end Andy kills…

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