Kamala and her parents are back on Earth, but her father has an incurable disease. How will Kamala handle the news? From Saladin Ahmed, Minkyu Jung, Juan Vlasco, Ian Herring, and Joe Caramagna comes the next chapter in her story, The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6!

The Invisible Foe In The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6 begins right where the last issue left off. Kamala’s father explains that while he won’t die soon, his new disease will eventually kill him. He also consulted a new doctor, the woman that Kamala believed to be his mistress. Relieved, Kamala embraces her father and, with his permission, goes out to study with friends.

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6: Page 2, Kamala learns about her father's illness.
The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6 | © Marvel Comics (2019)

After she tells Bruno and Nakia the news, they hear that Deathbringer has broken out of prison. Armed with her new suit, Kamala goes to fight him but he summons an army of strange creatures. Things look bleak until Kamala uses her new suit to destroy Deathbringer’s mask and the creatures disappear. Suddenly, Iron Man appears to discuss her father’s illness. While he is looking for a cure, he may not be able to find one fast enough to save her father. He advises her to enjoy the time she has left with him.

A Brave Face

Kamala goes through quite the emotional journey in The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6. This comes through most clearly in her inner monologue. She explains how she’s always stood out and she learned to own her uniqueness. In so doing, she became a symbol of hope and bravery. But when faced with a seemingly unsolvable problem, it becomes difficult to keep putting on a brave face. In fact, she almost loses hope when Deathbringer’s creatures start to overpower her. In the end, she figures it out and defeats him but she can’t do the same for her father’s disease. Hopefully, Tony will be able to find some kind of treatment.

Kamala discusses the many ways in which she stands out.
The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6 | © Marvel Comics (2019)

As I predicted, Kamala’s father does not have a mistress, just a new doctor. I’m glad Kamala figured this out so it won’t be an issue moving forward. Instead of confronting her father and causing all kinds of drama, now she can just be there for him.

What’s Next?

Considering where The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6 left off, it’s difficult to predict where the story will go. With Kamala on good terms with everyone, I expect her dad’s illness to become a source of conflict. Additionally, she needs a new villain to fight. Perhaps this new villain will have something to do with her dad’s illness. This would further motivate her to defeat them, whoever they may be. As for her personal life, we might finally see Kamala and Bruno get together! That is if they don’t put things on hold again while Kamala supports her father. Either way, I’m excited to see what happens next.

Light & Dark In The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6

Once again, the new suit steals the show in The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6. Not only does it respond directly to her thoughts, but it also saves her when her powers fail. She can even control the scarf, using it as a second pair of hands. Speaking of hands, Kamala continues to creatively transform her hands into literal weapons. Once she masters her suit, I’d love to see her use it in tandem with her powers.

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6: Page 3, Kamala deduces that her father is not a cheater.
The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6 | © Marvel Comics (2019)

The fight sequence between Ms Marvel and Deathbringer plays with light and darkness. As Kamala enters his dark bubble, shadows surround her. The panels remain dark until she uses her scarf to grab his mask. These panels feature a bright yellow background. After she breaks the mask, the darkness dissipates and light returns. In this way, Kamala visually becomes a beacon of light and hope in a world full of darkness.

A Melancholy Homecoming

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6 brings the story back to Earth so Kamala can begin a new adventure. While I do hope we’ll see her and Bruno take their relationship to the next level, I expect her father to become her main focus. But how does one fight a mystery illness? Even with her high-tech-suit and friends in high places, will she find a way to save her father? We’ll have to wait and see next time in The Magnificent Ms Marvel #7!

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #6 by Saladin Ahmed, Minkyu Jung, Juan Vlasco, Ian Herring, and Joe Caramagna
A Hard Dose of Reality
The issue returns Ms Marvel to everyday struggles. After battling legions of monsters and saving an entire alien planet, she must now face something she can't punch her way out of: losing her father. This chapter seamlessly brings us out of the Saffa arc and into a new one. While it will be hard seeing Kamala go through such a difficult situation, I also really want to know what happens next. Bring on the feels!