4DX, 2018

Avengers Are Going Infinity In 4DX!

A while back we got Black Panther in ScreenX format, it was the coolest thing (we can attest). So, now, The Daily Fandom is proud to bring you Avengers: Infinity War in 4DX format. All 23 superheroes in 4DX? What could be better? Well, seeing them in Infinity War, of course!

With Infinity War coming out this week and the midnight premiere on April 26th, this is the perfect time to announce all 23 superheroes in 4DX format. The 4DX team took the challenge of creating and programming a virtually infinite set of signature effects just for this release.

They are specifically tailored for each of the 23 superheroes featured in the film.

So, What Is 4DX?

4DX is a state-of-art technology developed by CJ 4DPlex. It delivers an immersive multi-sensory cinematic experience. And, It incorporates the onscreen visuals with synchronized motion and environmental effects. They use wind, fog, lighting, scents, and more to substantially enhance the overall movie experience.

It started in 2009, and since over 440 Hollywood and local titles have remained screened in 4DX. In August 2017, over 47,000 seats operate in 390 auditoriums spanning 48 countries. They have two types of effects available for 4DX: direct effects, which you are able to feel from your seat, and indirect seats, which you feel via remote units surrounding the auditorium.

An example is: the weather — wind and snow units are placed closer to the ceiling so you can feel the wind around you and watch the snow falling. Face air units are a part of your seat, so you can feel the air hitting you directly from the unit in front of you. Remote units would do wind, bubble, snow, rainstorms and indirect would do face air, motion, vibration, and ticklers.

How Does It Work?

What is so great about 4DX is not only the effects it has, but the motion effects as well. The chairs are equipped with 3 base movements of heave, to move up and down, roll, to move left and right, and pitch, to tilt forward and backward.

They mimic the onscreen actions such as flying or driving. Additionally, there are also seat effects such as mist, face air, rain, back/bottom vibration, and back and leg ticklers to ever further the maximization and feeling of immersion. It feels like you are in the moment of the scene, which is a fantastic ride!

You can smell scents too, from rose to ocean to gunpowder — this is where you want to be!

4DX To Infinity War

The 4DX team synced each effect to each hero while considering their personality, character, and strength. Action sequences featuring Captain America are highlighted throughout a combination of motion and back tickler effects. With Iron Man, audiences experience the soaring sensation of flight through 4DX’s heave, pitch, and roll motion.

They even include vibration effects as well. Dr. Strange waves his magic through his spells which are intensified through flashing 4DX strobe effects. Spider-Man shoots his web and soars, which can be felt through the air shots that are utilized to highlight that rush.

Can I Watch Infinity War In 4DX?

You can! Great question — Avengers: Infinity War will be available at all 10 cinemas in the United States. Locations include Southern California (Los Angeles), New York, Seattle, Orlando, Chicago Metro Area, and D.C. You can find more information and where to find where it is in your town here http://www.cj4dx.com.

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