Today, The Daily Fandom premieres Season 3 with Episode 12 about Avengers Endgame. Brandon, Alec, Maddie, and I talked about Avengers Endgame and what it meant to fans of Marvel to see an ending such as this. We also talk about plot points, spoilers, and what we want to see from the MCU in phase 4 and beyond. Take a listen and let us know what you liked about the film. We would love to hear it!

Podcast Guests:

  • Shareca: Podcast Host
  • Brandon: Reoccurring Podcast Guest
  • Alec: Reoccurring Podcast Guest
  • Maddie: First Time Podcast Guest

Sections We Segregated:

  1. Wakanda: Shuri, Okoye, Black Panther (Shareca)
  2. New Asgard: Valkeryie, Korg & Meek (Brandon)
  3. Space (General): Guardians (et. al) (Alec)
  4. Earth (General): Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Tony Stark, etc. (Maddie)
Avengers: Endgame
Captain America in Avengers Endgame \ Marvel Entertainment, 2019

Loosely Based Questions We Asked:

  1. What are the social ramifications of the 5-year gap? For example, if someone gets remarried, what happens when their spouse returns? Or, if your house was foreclosed, what happens when you are brought back to life?
  2. There’s A LOT of talk about plot-holes, especially with Spider-Man, but did you think the plot-holes were so extensive they ruined the movie? (i.e. Captain giving back the soul stone, (which you can’t do?), the time-travel plot, Nebula’s old self coming back from 2014, Thanos having his whole army ready to go randomly (when he didn’t bring anyone with him since it was him from 2014?) Do you think after watching the film and realizing these plot holes that it changed the way you saw the film?
  3. What do you think the future looks like now for Marvel with the Iron Man and Captain America era over? Do you think characters like Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, and New Captain America (Sam) can reach the point Tony and Steve did?
  4. In Infinity War, we observe Thanos in a new light: a villain that was not developed incredibly robustly over the 20+ films decisively got his character’s development arc. It turned out fantastically. Do you think Endgame changed the way we see Thanos?
  5. Where can Marvel go from here with their cosmic characters? We saw at the end of Guardians 2 the “introduction” of Adam Warlock. Will we see him become a prominent character? Will we see a Silver Surfer movie and Galactus done properly instead of the trash we got in Fantastic Four 2?

Special Avengers Endgame Thank You…

Brandon: We learned after the movie that Stan Lee never got to see it because Stan Lee was someone who always liked to see the finished product of these movies. So since it wasn’t completely done, he, uh, you know, unfortunately passed away before this was released. So that’s one thing where I’m like, man, if only they had like worked. I like — I don’t even want to say — work faster? A lot of people did a lot of hard work on this.

Avengers: Endgame
Thor in Avengers Endgame \ Marvel Entertainment, 2019

But it’s just one of those sad things that hopefully he realizes how much of an impact these characters made and how much of an impact he made. And that was something that kind of was something that really stuck out to me. Something that I wanted to stress about right before we ended, just like, Hey, thank you, Stan Lee. Thank you, Kevin Feige, everybody else, but thank you, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, everybody who made these characters. They obviously are in good hands and like the world loves them.

And is learning how to be better people because of them.

Shareca: Love you 3000.