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T.C. Robson
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<p>Graphic designer/photographer/illustrator. Staff writer & YouTube content creator for The Daily Fandom.</p>

Fandom Goes Mainstream: Why Cosplay Melee Should Be on Your Watchlist

CONTAINS MILD SPOILERS The practices of fandom since their beginnings have been mostly looked down upon in society, only suitable to be sequestered to small local meetings or conventions. The more open-minded modern society we live in today has become...

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tdf gaming

TDF Gaming Highlights — November 2016

Check out the greatest video game highlights from the month of November from TDF Gaming! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly8n59wg878 YouTube-Ception!, Retro YouTube Simulator With Retro YouTube Simulator, you’re watching my video of me watching other people’s videos! Okay, it doesn’t sound that exciting,...

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