‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2: Is the Waiting a Good Thing?


(This article is spoiler-free)

Ever since the first season of Attack on Titan ended back in 2013, questions on when the second season would come out flooded the Internet. We got many release dates. Some of them were rumours, some were April’s Fool jokes and others were just false reports. One thing is for sure: the hype was real.

After so many doubts, we finally got a date for Season 2: 2016, which felt like a bucket of cold water on fans who had their hopes in 2015 as the year the show would come back. And, at this point, we still don’t know whether it’d be during the Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter season but we do know that the series is in pre-production and that we’ve got approximately another year of waiting to do.

One of the explanations for this waiting is the fact that Wit Studio is busy with other productions at the moment (Seraph of the End, Haikyu!!, Kuroko no Basket, Psycho-Pass). Not to say that the quality drawing and animation of Attack on Titan takes a long time to produce.

Seasonal animes usually take a break to give the manga enough time to release more chapters that can be later adapted into episodes. But Hajime Isayama has had more than enough time for that: Season 1 covered the first 8 volumes, and right now the manga is already on its 15th volume. So we can already assume that there’s gonna be more than enough manga material a year from now.

attack on titan - shingeki no kyojin - the daily fandom

‘Attack on Titan’ Live-Action Movie Poster

In what seems like an attempt to maintain the hype (and earn a lot of money) there are a lot of Attack on Titan releases coming out this year. Besides the ‘A Choice With No Regrets‘ Levi OVAs that we got, many of you might now that there’s gonna be a live action movie released in August. Apart from that, there’s also two recap movies based on the first season. The first one, “Crimson Bow and Arrow”, came out last November. The second one, “Wings of Freedom”, will come out in June. And, if that wasn’t enough, it’s recently been announced that there will also be a live action TV show centered on Zoe Hang.

Japan isn’t Hollywood, but they definitely know how to exploit something successful. They also do it with other successful animes like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball and Death Note.

From this premise, there are two assumptions that we could make:

  1. the studio has been told to delay the second season to make room for these releases to make more money

  2. these releases are coming out to maintain the hype so people won’t forget about the series for when it finally comes out

Either way, let’s be honest, hardcore fans don’t need anyone to maintain their hype. The fandom is huge and they’re as active as always. And, after all, Isayama keeps releasing manga chapters monthly and the history of the series is getting more and more complicated with new elements that weren’t featured (or at least not that heavily) in the first season. As for casual fans, people are still gonna tune as soon as they are told about the new release. Maybe they’ll need to refresh their memories about what happened in Season 1, which is why I think that the two recap movies are the only ones that we really need.

attack on titan - shingeki no kyojin - the daily fandom

‘Attack on Titan’ Manga Volume 4

Personally, as a fan and manga reader, even though I enjoy and devour every manga chapter, nothing makes me more excited than thinking about finally getting to see those scenes animated. And, even though I’m curious about seeing that live action movie, I usually don’t expect much from animes coming to life. If I could choose, I’d skip all the movies and live action shows all together and just go straight for the second season of the anime and, as far as I’ve read, many fans seem to feel the same way. However, we can already count on the live action movie to be a huge success anyway, at least in Japan.

Even though there’s been many popular animes recently (Tokyo Ghoul, Fate/Zero, Kuroko no Basket…), Attack on Titan is still secured as one of the biggest animangas to come out in the latest years, if not the biggest. We shouldn’t forget that it was the second best-sold manga in 2014, slightly shaking One Piece‘s throne. So no, we don’t need to be constantly reminded of its existence. It actually almost feels like they’re teasing us and making us beg for Season 2. I guess the title of this article should have actually been: is the wait for Attack on Titan the anime equivalent of Sherlock?


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