‘Attack on Titan’ New Live-Action Trailers and Poster Released!


Having accepted to wait until 2016 to finally watch the super hyped Attack on Titan Season 2, what most fans are looking forward to at the moment is the live-action movies coming out this summer.

Distributor Toho has posted two new trailers. Both of them feature the three-dimensional maneuvering as the main theme which, let’s be honest, it’s what most of us were waiting to see:

Apart from the 3DMG, we also got to see more titans, which look very similar to the ones we had already seen in that Subaru commercial from last year. Aside from that, a new poster has been released. Not much to say on the newly released poster, only that it promises a lot of EPIC as if the hype level could still get any higher.

However, as far as we know, these movies will NOT be 100% canon as we can already see some unoriginal content like Mikasa kissing Kirishima (an original character of the film). Yeah, sorry about that Eremika shippers. Also, the title for the second part, ‘Shingeki no Kyojin: End of the World’, might imply that these movies might have a tragic ending (not that we know the true ending of the series since the manga is still on-going).

The first movie called is coming out on August 1st in Japan. The second one will be released on September 19th.


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