“Real men don’t drink from cups this small.”  Thanks for the heads up there Dean.

Plot and story line wise, this episode wasn’t all that crucial except, as is a Supernatural pattern, the last few minutes. Traditionally the goofy episodes have a five to ten minute part that pulls us back to the overarching story and the moment where Dean killed the shifter, the Mark and Demon Dean come racing back into your mind. Jensen plays it just right. Between that and the ending scene where he’s, sadly, fallen back into the old deny and drive pattern, there’s just so much there. I am going to discuss the ending just as soon as I get over giggling about the beginning. 

Supernatural does such a great job of being culturally relevant with nods to things like Tori Spelling (which I didn’t catch the reference to until I saw a FB post about it) and K-Cups, such great fun. Seeing Sam carrying two tiny cups in his huge hands was a great set up for the fun of the episode. That and more Impala close ups, can’t go wrong with that.  As per the usual Supernatural pattern which was developed before the Trials and the incredibly dark eighth and ninth seasons, we have a few light, fun episodes. Fan Fiction and now this, which was probably timed to coincide with the Supernatural Clue game release, was another great nod back to the campy, goofy episodes which we love just as much as the intense ones. 

It was great to watch Sam being awkward and just completely uncomfortable playing it up to check the women for supernatural origins and the guest cast hammed up their roles wonderfully. They over acted it just enough to be hysterical without being painful.  When Dean and Sam checked to see if they are, indeed, wearing flannel was classic.

All the old Supernatural habits were in full force. This was a traditional monster hunt, no angels, no demons and no dark destinies. It was fun but to be honest, I think this episode showed why it was such a great idea to bring in all those elements into the writing. In my opinion, if the show had stayed like this and had never pushed all the boundaries it has it would have never lasted this long. When I saw the preview for the next episode where we get hints of the greater plot starting to appear with the mention of witches and Cas and Crowley back, less humor and a bit more grit, I got excited. I loved the break but the last five or ten minutes of this episode were the best for me and I want to examine those much more in detail. 

First, let’s talk Sam. We all know that Jared is an amazing actor and we have see him make Sam an amazing actor when the situation called for it but I don’t think we have  ever seen him flinch when a gun was fired like he did in this episode. He was much more shaky then we have seen in quite some time. I know he was playing bait for Dean but when Dean fired the second shot and Sam reacted in fear and immediately got a look of concern on his face, that was the pivotal scene of the whole episode. They are not as ready to hunt as they think, neither of them. As they were driving away and Dean cranked up the music to cut Sam off, I have to wonder if Sam was going to talk about his issues more than Dean’s. One gets the feeling when you watch the closing scenes that Sam wasn’t scared of the shifter, he was scared of Dean having a gun again, killing again and possibly waking up the demon. 

Dean, Jensen has said that Dean has the shakes, that he’s lost confidence and is basically scared to death of himself. Tonight we saw him slip back into the killer again with remarkable ease, then we saw the aftermath. There was no overwhelming threat to Sam, he wasn’t tied up, being tortured or  in any real danger, yet he kept firing even after the threat had been removed. Usually when Dean does that it is because a monster has tortured Sam or someone else he cares about. Olivia had done none of those things. Last episode Dean stated that being on the road and hunting was as close to normal as he knows, now that has been robbed from him. He’s lost confidence in his own thought process, what truly drives him. I have been wondering why they have been on the road so much these last few episodes, they haven’t truly been hunting yet and could easily have been back at the bunker.  Writing wise the fact that the first time we see Sam and Dean after Dean getting cured was on the road speaks volumes. In my opinion Dean feels like he has ruined the bunker, that he is no longer fit to call it home after everything that happened. I will be surprised if we see them back in the bunker anytime soon. Dean’s totally adrift right now, his soul, his mind, the one place he had truly called home since losing Mom, all of it was ripped away last season. That’s the reason that he’s keeping the Impala up so well these last few episodes, it’s the one refuge that left to him. True he let her get dirty as demon Dean but he didn’t truly soil what the Impala means to him. 

All of these things will be fascinating to watch come to a head in the upcoming episodes and I am really looking forward to how Dean and Crowley interact now. We all know how Sam is going to feel but Dean, you know Crowley is going to drop hints about what they did and how Dean acted and how Dean will react to all of that will be fascinating. 

Can’t wait for next week!