Artist Corner: The Off-The-Wall Webcomic ‘SurrealsVille’ By Rob White

Welcome back to our Artist Corner series for Webcomics. Today, we have SurrealsVille Webcomic to showcase. An inventive and interesting comic by Rob White.

About SurrealsVille Webcomic

Rob’s webcomic is a series of off-the-wall strips featuring a cast of regular characters & skits as well as humorous takes on the creator’s own life & the everyday situations we all have to deal with. Surreal, semi-autobiographical & always off-the-wall.

About Rob White, Creator of SurrealsVille

Rob White is a webcomic artist from the UK who’s been drawing since he can remember. He produced the webcomic Versus for a number of years and has produced artwork for the independent comic Titan Defender Pushka as well as Synaesthesia Magazine & Multitude of Movies Magazine.  Rob lives with his partner, step-son & their three cats.

If you want more SurrealsVille, you can check out Rob on any of the hyperlinks throughout this introduction. 

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