Arrow/Flash and Supernatural Livetweet Fest: Watch the shows, read tweets later

There is way too much good TV happening tonight. Shefc,550x550,forest.u1riffs Jody and Donna hook up and so do Flash and Arrow. Everyone under the sun from the shows are livetweeting on top of it. 

To save you from having to scroll like crazy people through your twitter feeds I am collecting them all together for you. Tonight I shall attempt to storify 4 time zone feeds and 2 shows. I think this deserves a Guinness Record or be part of  GISHWHES (note to self, ask Misha).

Click HERE when the shows are done or if you don’t want to have to scroll. I am gathering them as soon as they pop up and will watch the shows tomorrow for review writing. 

I think this is some form of insanity.  



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