Arrow ‘Taken’ Review: Lost Son


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Previously on Arrow: Oliver and Felicity’s wedding is approaching, Thea learned of Oliver’s son William, Curtis may have found a way for Felicity to walk again, Oliver faced off against Mrs. Darhk at a mayoral debate, and, most significantly, Darhk has William.

Now that we’re all caught up, let’s move on to this week’s episode. The spinal chip Curtis created for Felicity isn’t having the effect she’d hoped for in physical therapy She can’t walk, at least not yet. She confides in Oliver as they walk to their car that she’s disappointed as she’d wanted to be able to walk down the aisle on their wedding day. Their moment is interrupted though by Damien Darhk himself. He says Oliver is going to drop out of the race one and for all now and shows him a video of his son, William. If he wants him back he need to publicly exit the mayoral race by Friday at 6 pm. “Who’s William?” Felicity asks, and Oliver finally tells her the truth. “He’s my son.”
Upon hearing this news Felicity is hurt, upset, and left confused about the state of their relationship, but Oliver and her don’t have the opportunity to hash things out quite yet. Their number one priority is finding William. Oliver brings in the rest of Team Arrow, fills them in, and asks for their help in getting his son back. Like Felicity, their shocked by the news. Laurel, who was still together with Oliver when he got William’s mother pregnant is particularly stunned. Later, she tears up while talking with Quentin while talking about it. (Aside: Laurel has yet to receive a solid arc this season and it’s a real shame. She has proven herself to be a valuable and competent part of Team Arrow, yet she’s consistently forgotten about. Give her something more to do. She’s more than just Oliver’s ex, Quentin’s daughter, and Sara’s sister. End aside.)
Knowing that every time they’ve tried to take down Darhk before they’ve failed, Oliver decides to fight magic with magic, and asks for help from his friend Mari McCabe/Vixen, a hero who thanks to a totem can channel the powers of various animals. William’s mother Samantha shows up to Star City desperate for information about her son’s whereabouts. Oliver reveals his secret identity to her and promises to do everything in his power to bring their son home safe. Using one of William’s toys Mari uses her powers to track William to one of Darhk’s hideouts. Team Arrow shows up and begin taking down Darhk’s men, while Vixen and the Green Arrow confront the man himself. Unfortunately, Vixen finds Darhk’s magic is much more powerful than her own, and he escapes without revealing the new location of William.
Back at Arrow HQ, Oliver receives a call from Darhk, who was less than pleased at the vigilantes crashing his place. He demands Oliver get in front of a camera now and announce that he’s dropping out of the race. Fearing for the safety of his son, that night Oliver publicly suspends his campaign and puts his support behind Darhk’s wife. Meanwhile though, Mari realizes that, like her, Darhk may be receiving his powers from some magical token. Quentin remembers seeing Darhk messing around with an artifact before and they’re able to discover where he’s hiding out by looking for magical lay lines where the artifact would be able to tap into its power source most strongly.
The team shows up to Darhk’s and Mari is able to steal his totem. Darhk begins choking Oliver, Thea, and Laurel while William watches on helplessly. Thankfully, Vixen channels the strength of a gorilla and breaks the totem, rendering him powerless. Oliver takes down Darhk in front of William and leaves as the police show up. Will he be permanently without magic powers now? One can only hope.
 William is returned to his mother as Oliver watches on, and in a cute moment requests a new Green Arrow action figure rather than his old Flash one. We also find out Darhk wasn’t the one abducted William, it was Malcolm, which leads to a major breakdown in Malcolm and Thea’s already damaged relationship.
After struggling with what to do about his relationship with William and receiving opposing advice from Mari and Diggle, Oliver ultimately decides to send William away and keep his identity a secret. In a video message to Oliver to be saved until he’s 18, he reveals that he’s his father and the Green Arrow. He also tells him that he’s decided it’s best for him and his mother to go far away in order to keep him safe and allow him to have a happy childhood.
Now that William is safe, Felicity has had some time to think and is ready to have a talk with Oliver about their relationship. It’s not a long one. She takes off her engagement ring and tells him that even though she knows Samantha put him in a tough situation, she should have told him. Marriage is about two people leaning on each other and sharing everything, which he clearly can’t do. Midway through this speech her foot begins to move and she stands up on her own. It’s a miracle. Felicity can walk again. Unfortunately, she’s walking away from Oliver, literally and figuratively. It’s a moment we’ve seen coming ever since the Arrow/Flash crossover, but it still hurts, and all the more because we know these two still love each other. What’s next? We’ll have to wait another three weeks to see unfortunately as the show’s going on a brief hiatus.

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