Are You Enthralled — The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3

For years, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle have been going house to house to rid of things that go bump in the night. One could say they are an expert in their field of the supernatural, until one unlucky night. Coming face to face with what they thought didn’t exist, how will they react? Will you succumb to the thrall of a vampire too? Find out in the newest issue of The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3!

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3; BOOM!, 2018.

The Power Of A Vampire

In this newest edition of The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3, we pick up where we left off from the previous issue written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. Illustrated by M.J. Erickson and colored by Brittany Peer, Adam had just informed the rest of the party present that he was a vampire.

After some skepticism, the backstory behind his transformation is revealed. As a medical student, the body he was studying turned out to be a resting vampire who promptly bit him, thus turning him into a vampire. Because of his growing hunger, he bit and drank his presumed girlfriend dry of all blood, killing her.

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3; BOOM!, 2018.

Before they can do anything to stop or restrain Adam, they find themselves frozen in place… Sort of. It takes a little bit for Adam to successfully freeze all of them where they stand before he threatens to kill them.

While Adam is distracted, Sadie Doyle managed to break the thrall of Adam’s vampire power and extinguishes the sigil keeping the ghost trapped. Once released, the ghost attacks Adam, sending them both down the flight of stairs to the basement.

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3; BOOM!, 2018.

Despite all this, there’s much more to the story still. The reporter, finally getting the story he needs, approaches the party just as they are to leave. To his shock though, he is unaware of his own existence. Who was the reporter? What’s so important about that janitor? Is there a war coming? These may all be answered in the next issue of The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3!

Feeling Bloodthirsty Yet?

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3; BOOM!, 2018.

Initially, the story on the first page starts off with two pilots over the Atlantic Ocean, stating to each other that they hear the ocean “singing”. One could only assume this is the same thrall the truckers felt in an earlier issue. Furthermore, in the sky, the silhouette of a vampire reveals itself again to insinuate the presence of a vampire in this plot line.

Moving on, the humor is much more prevalent in the main plot. Most of the backstories for characters are interrupted by both Mr. and Mrs. Doyle in a humorous fashion. They sum up what the reader wants to know but is too lazy to read.

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3; BOOM!, 2018.

Adam has a sort of vampiric power known as “thrall” which freezes his enemies. In the story, it perfectly fits in and doesn’t feel out of place at all. Likewise, the way this “power” is presented to the reader immediately reminds us that Adam is still a novice vampire who is not very experienced yet.

Mysteries Of The Reporter Solved

Next, we go to the reporter, who’s name we find out is Claude Dellman. There is a two-page spread that seems forced and off-topic to the main plot of the story. While it’s designed to look like a traditional East Asian piece to follow the tale, it seems unnecessary. Furthermore, the tale presented is difficult to relate to the main plot of the story.

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3; BOOM!, 2018.

At the very end of the comic, we return to Claude again. Just as he is about to interview the party about the house, he suddenly fazes through them. This is a huge plot twist, but it is also fitting for his character. After his vanishing, the reader could assume that this is the end of Claude’s story.

Color Theory For The Undead

In this issue, Same-Face Syndrome is no longer prevalent! This is a huge step forward for the artist and helps differentiate the characters from each other in the best way possible. Also evident in this issue is the use of extreme facial expressions, which makes the characters feel a little more human.

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3; BOOM!, 2018.

Similarly, the color theory in this issue is also a huge step forward. In contrast to the previous issues, the colorist used the color to help the story along instead of using it as an addition. The blue themes in Adam’s flashback mixed with the red of his violence on the next page balances out almost seamlessly. Furthermore, on pages 20 and 21, the blue and the yellow monochromatic color scheme is beautifully done to convey the emotion of the scene.

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3; BOOM!, 2018.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3: Stay A Little Longer Or Fade Away?

Credit: The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3; BOOM!, 2018.

If you’ve been following this series for a while, I highly suggest you pick up this next issue of The Thrilling Adventure Hour. All in all, if you want an unexpected and humorous story about a couple of ghost hunters and vampires, this is the comic for you!

Find The Thrilling Adventure Hour #3 online or wherever comic books are sold. Finally, I will leave you with a question to think on while you read:

Do Mr. and Mrs. Doyle deserve this coming war?

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