Pokémon cards are still as popular as they were over two decades ago. With some rare cards fetching exorbitant amounts of money in millions of dollars it is no wonder that collectors and Pokémon lovers are more excited than ever before.

Are Trainer Pokémon cards worth anything?

Trainer cards should not be disregarded because some of them are valued quite high and have even fetched thousands of dollars. Take the example of the No. 1 Trainer card which is among the rarest cards.

One such Trainer card was sold in April 2021 for $31,200. What makes these cards unique is their customization as each had the name of the winner on it.

What are the most expensive Trainer cards?

Trainer cards are highly valuable too in some cases. The 1999 Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer card was sold in 2020 for $90,000 and there are only 7 cards in the world. This card had a PSA 10 rating.

The 2006 Pokémon Promo No. 2 Trainer World Championships card was sold for a whopping $110,100 in 2021 even though the PSA rating was 9.

Are Trainer cards rare?

pokemon card value checker

Just like the rest of the Pokémon cards, some cards are quite rare making them highly expensive and in demand by people all over the globe. You should check with a few websites to ensure your card is rare and how much it is worth in value today. The better the condition and rarer the card, then the more worthy it is.

What to know before checking the value of Trainer cards?

You need to check the year your card was made by looking at the bottom of the card. Then find the set it belonged to by looking at the right-hand side of the illustration. If there is nothing then it is a Base set card. Then note the name which is right above the illustration. Then find the number which is on the bottom right.

What determines the worth of a Pokémon Trainer card?

The worth of a Pokémon card essentially depends on three major factors; rarity, type, and condition. The older and rarer the card, the more it is worth. The condition of the card matters too because cards in pristine condition will be valued higher than those with tears and other visible issues.

Are new cards worth as much as the older ones?

The new cards are not worth as much as older ones because they are easily obtainable from many sources. If you have older cards, now may be the best time to sell them especially if they are worth a lot of money.

pokemon card value checker

Where to quickly find the value of Trainer cards?

You have quite a few options. You can check eBay to determine the value of your cards. Many apps with scanning options are available which show you the estimated value of your cards.

You can check trading forums that can help determine the value of your cards too.

Which types of Trainer cards are more valuable?

The cards are essentially of three types; normal, holographic, and reverse holographic cards. The holographic varieties are more valuable than the normal cards. The most valuable one out of the three is the reverse holographic card.

Where can you sell Pokémon cards?

You can sell your cards on websites such as eBay, TCGplayer, Troll and Toad, Card Cavern, and Facebook Marketplace. You can even sell it to a card shop or a pawn shop if there are any nearby.

It is best to know how much your cards are worth before selling them to ensure you get the best value from your cards. 

How to get Pokémon cards professionally valued?

The Professional Sports Authenticator values and grades Pokémon cards but they charge at least $20. They use a point scale to value cards.

It is best to get your cards valued by the PSA if you think your cards are extremely rare and they are worth around $499 or above.

Why are some Pokémon cards so expensive?

Pokémon cards are low in supply but there is an immensely high demand for them which is often fuelled by new game launches.

Since Pokémon Go and the pandemic, the demand for Pokémon cards increased as people tried to find the highly valued cards. This was either to sell those rare cards later at a higher profit or just keep them as memorabilia.

Will Pokémon cards go up in value?

The Pokémon cards will likely go up in value. Even some weak cards can increase in value especially if they cannot be easily found anywhere else.

If there are limited cards available and if the cards are rare then their value will be much higher than a commonly found card. Who knew that the First Edition cards will be valued so much decades later?

What should you do if the Pokémon Trainer cards you own are valuable?

You have two options in this case. You can keep your cards for a while longer because they can eventually become more valuable thereby fetching a higher value.

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The second option is to sell your Pokémon cards in a local card store near you or wherever else you get the best price for your cards. Online marketplaces are a better bet because they better know the value of the cards.

What should you do if you own worthless Pokémon cards?

You probably have some amazing memories attached to your cards so it is best to pass them to someone else rather than throwing them in the trash. You can give it to someone as a gift especially if that person loves Pokémon.

You can donate your cards to a card shop where another interested individual can get a hold of them. You can even try selling the cards in bulk.

Is it worth buying Pokémon cards?

If you plan on actively playing Pokémon or keeping the cards as memorabilia then it makes sense to purchase them. But do thorough research to ensure you are not being ripped off.

The decision to buy these cards should also depend on whether you think the cards are worth more than other things that you can buy with that money.

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