Are The Power Rangers Done For Good In Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1?

Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1

BOOM! Studios present a new giant-size Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1. The team is batting one of their hardest foes yet, Alpha-1, in their own backyard Angle Grove. This giant-size issue is thanks to writer Ryan Parrott, illustrations by Eleonora Carlini (p. 3-13, 17-24, 33-40) and Francesco Mortarino (p. 1-2, 14-16, 25-32), inks by Simona Di Gianfelice (p. 3-13, 17-24, 33-40), colors by Raul Angulo, and letters by Ed Dukeshire.

The rangers we all know and love are in trouble. With Alpha-1 wreaking havoc in pursuit of destroying Zordon, his maker. The Rangers only hope is Alpha-5? When these teens are not saving the world as Rangers they are going to high school and living normal lives just like us. Break-ups, divorced parents, and a very important Karate expo… these Power Rangers have a lot on their hands!

Pictures courtesy of Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1 © BOOM! Studios.

Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1 Shows Super Power Teens In Their Everyday Life

With the battle with Alpha-1 over we are transported into space with Empress Rita. She is about to punish Goldar for saving the rangers on Earth. While his intentions were pure, Rita is livid that the Rangers are not destroyed along with Zordon. When she is about to take Goldar’s life away from him she is stopped by her mother. You can read what Rita does in Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1 for yourself, we won’t spoil it for you.

A few weeks later we are back on earth with the Rangers doing normal teen life activities like practicing karate and drinking spinach smoothies at the Angle Groove Youth Center. Ryan Parrott (Volition) did a fabulous job with the action scenes and the teenage intensity. The relationship between the Rangers is a big part of their story. They all have such distinct personalities and Parrott did well to make each one of them shine in this giant-sized issue. The Rangers had a big moment for each of them in Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1. All and all this comic does not feel rushed and it flows very thoroughly.

The Illustrations & Colors Are Great Additions To This Wonderful Story

The characters are classic looking with a 2019 (modern) twist on them. They remind us of when we watched the show as kids. Eleonora Carlini and Francesco Mortarino show great artistic skills in this issue. In one panel there is an amazing looking Megazord and the next panel are normal teenagers with very expressive facial features. Something we found interesting was the fighting scenes that are happening as the backgrounds are barely visible because of all the action, lighting, and blaster shots. The way we would explain it is very loud and out of control like a battle would be in real life.

The colors by Raul Angulo are reminiscent of the original show but less vibrant, muted, and more down to earth. In every panel that the Rangers are seen in their costumes, they stand out on the page and are the most visible things in the scene. This is important because this is what the comic is about, they should be the center of attention throughout this giant-sized issue.

A Great Story For A Power Ranger Fan

The Daily Fandom could not get enough of Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1. From the writing; to the illustrations; to the colors, this is the ideal comic for any Power Ranger fan. With action-packed scenes and relatable teenage moments, it is the perfect blend of what Power Rangers is all about. If you want to read Forever Rangers #1 it is best to previously read this series or to start from the beginning. We just want to support and showcase how great this entire series is. Overall, reading this giant-sized issue makes us excited for upcoming issues and what will happen next to the Rangers with Rita’s new evil plan.

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