While there is no way to confirm which couples are still together apart from constant social media vigilance, here are a few Ready to Love partners who seemed to stand the test of time (at least for now). 

Are Ready To Love Couples Still Together

Are Ready to Love couples still together? 

Mario Tolliver and Reva Stout, whose rocky start and early break up did not prevent them from finding their way back to each other, seem to be very much in love at present. 

Krin Green and Amber McCray are the rare fan favourite couple whose relationship seems to be working out just fine. While neither of them have been particularly vocal about each other on social media, there is nothing to suggest otherwise as they still have a few pictures together on their Instagrams, if nothing. 

Symone Redwine and Rashid Floyd enjoyed a drama-free relationship on camera, on Ready to Love, once they realised their compatibility. Today, off camera, the two continue to have one of the most amiable, adorable relationships. 

A couple that did not fall for each other during the course of the show is Ida Cool and Khaleel Lott. But post wraps, the two seemed to have rekindled their friendship, fallen in love. This became evident during the reunion. 

Is Ready to Love staged?

On paper, Ready to Love is totally unscripted. The participants are genuine people between the ages of 30 and 50, who are looking for love; the connections that they forge on the show are also authentic.

are there any ready to love couples still together

However, there have been speculations about the producers and/or the editing team tweaking some aspects to make the events more appealing. 

Is there going to be a season 6 of Ready to Love? 

The reality dating show Ready to Love has not been renewed or cancelled yet, by OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). Since Season 5 ended only in March 2022, fans and aspiring participants are hopeful of positive news soon. 

How many seasons does Ready to Love have?

Ready To Love has a total of five seasons as of today, the first one having come out in October of 2018, and the latest one in January of 2022. 

What is Ready to Love about? 

Ready to Love is an unscripted, reality TV show hosted by Thomas Nephew Tommy Miles on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). focusing on the male perspective, the dating series features African American men and women in the ages between 30 and 50 who court to find love (and also win the show).

The show, while also being rife with drama like any other dating series, has also provided insight on love, intimacy, Black culture, among other things.

Where was Ready To Love filmed?

The shoot location for Ready to Love varies from season to season. 

The first season was shot in Atlanta, Georgia. Few parts were shot at Wine Shoe, and some at Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. 

The second season was filmed in Hiawassee, Georgia. Cast and crew shot extensively at the luxurious resort getaway Ridges Resort, on Lake Chatuge. 

are the couples from the first season of ready to love still together

The third season was shot in Houston, Texas. And the fourth and fifth seasons were shot in the national capital Washington D.C.

The more significant of locations at Washington D.C, include the United States Capitol, Wisconsin Avenue, and Guapo’s Mexican restaurant.

What happened to Alexx from Ready to Love? 

Alexx Blank from season 1 continues to be a fan favourite. His journey since Ready to Love makes him even more worthy of all the love he receives.

Turns out that Alexx was diagnosed with brain flu in late 2018, and it appears that at one point his condition worsened to the extent of him being in a coma for more than two months. 

Thankfully, Alexx has made a full recovery. He also appears to have an outpatient therapy program during his journey, which is believed to have helped him.

He is now a fitness coach and uses his Instagram page to motivate like-minded individuals. 

Where can I stream Ready to Love? 

You can stream the reality dating show on OWN for free, or watch it for free or otherwise Ready to Love on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV depending upon where you are located. 

Who died from Ready to Love? 

Joel Ware, who appeared in the fourth season of Ready to Love died early this year (2022). The cause of his death is still unknown. Joel was loved among costars and fans alike for his charismatic personality on and off-screen.

However, he made sure his personal life was kept private for the most part, hence the specifics of his death are yet to be disclosed to the media. 


What happened to Michael and Shea from Ready to Love? 

The couple reportedly broke up a month after they got together on TV (which is a few months after they actually got together in real life).

Both Micheal and Shea apparently took to Instagram to share the emotional news. Both are on amicable terms, as far as public knowledge goes. 

What show was Shay from Ready to Love?

Celebrity Chef Shay from Ready to Love’s third season was previously on To Rome for Love in January 2018.

To Rome with Love portrayed relationship expert Diann Valentine taking five eligible African American women on a journey to Italy, where they share their insights, face their fears, and look for love in Rome. 

How old is Alexis from Ready to Love? 

Alexis Jones from Houston is believed to be 37 years old in 2022. Alexis charmed her way to the viewers’ heart through her feisty, fiery personality. 

are any of the ready to love couples still together

Does Oprah produce Ready to Love? 

No, Oprah Winfrey does not produce the show. Ready to Love is produced by Will Packer Media and Lighthearted Entertainment and is an original on Oprah’s network – OWN. 

Who is pregnant on Ready to Love? 

After a lot of drama, it was found out that Alisha Mitchell was pregnant while filming the show. She later shared that she had been five months pregnant while filming it, and that she believed she had the right to find love just like any other participant, hence she decided to go ahead and feature in the show. 


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