We’ve come a long way since Part One of the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. Things were a lot simpler when Harvey Kinkle was the only one who made us all swoon, Sabrina Spellman included. At least, if we tore our eyes away from the handsome, mysterious warlock named Nicholas Scratch.

But Nick Scratch has made us all fall for his charm, stealing Sabrina Spellman’s heart and ours in the process. After Part Three’s release of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, we need to remind ourselves about why we like Nicholas Scratch and Sabrina Spellman together. What makes him a better boyfriend? Why is he deserving of Sabrina? And what moments just made us melt between the two?

Who Is Nicholas Scratch?

Nicholas “Nick” Scratch was first introduced in Part One of the Netflix series, amidst all the hardships Sabrina Spellman faced when she started attending the Academy of Unseen Arts. He tells her he’s a big fan of her father’s work, which Sabrina isn’t too familiar with herself. Sabrina is trying to find out more about her past and her place in the world as a half-mortal witch. Naturally, Nick is drawn to help her. He begins to show an interest in her despite her relationship with Harvey Kinkle which has started to become shaky.

The main character looks smart in a suit.
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Nick’s feelings for Sabrina are first shown when he admits to being envious of how dedicated Sabrina is to Harvey. They came up again later when he reprimanded Harvey for forgiving Sabrina. Attaboy. Harvey then tries to fix their relationship but Sabrina ends things with him. She realizes they could never be together after she signs her soul away to the devil. Nick and Sabrina grow closer as she deals with the new changes and her own personal growth as a half-witch. He’s key to helping Sabrina be herself so it’s no surprise that he gets the girl by the end of Part Two.

Nick Scratch Is A Supportive Boyfriend

In Part Two we see Sabrina turn to her witch roots by choosing to attend the Academy of Unseen Arts full-time. She felt she was doing more harm than good in her mortal life so she turned to her witch side. Nick helps keep the connection she has to her mortal side by encouraging her to embrace the mortal traditions/lifestyle she grew up with. For example, when he asks her to take him to Dr. Cerberus’s for dinner or going to the sweetheart’s dance at Baxter High for Valentine’s day; he makes sure to remind her that they reflect who she is.

Nick and Sabrina slow dancing, looking into each other's eyes.
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Nick likes Sabrina’s rebellious side and encourages her ideas that tend to challenge tradition. Sabrina has always fought for what she believes in and isn’t afraid to point out when things are unfair. Following in her dad’s footsteps, Sabrina wants to continue his mission of bringing witches and mortals together. Of course, Nick isn’t afraid to go far and beyond to help her with this. I mean, he literally goes to her parents’ sunken ship at the bottom of an ocean to get her dad’s manifesto. Shirtless. Wet. You get the idea.

Nick sitting in a bathtub after going to a sunken ship for Sabrina.
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Sabrina Spellman’s worst fear was her friends discovering she’s half-witch. When it does come to light, her friends come to accept her identity as a witch but distrust her magic. Harvey’s reaction when Sabrina tries to revive his brother outcasts her from her mortal life. He breaks up with her and tells her he wants nothing to do with magic. Poor Sabrina. But Nick understands her magic, being a warlock himself, so he isn’t afraid of her. He doesn’t judge her for trying to keep her family/friends safe using the magic that she was given.

Sabrina Spellman & Nick Scratch Are Equals

Witches are supposed to bow down before warlocks but Sabrina’s relationship with Nick challenges that tradition. After Sabrina signs with the devil, she gains powers that make almost everyone feel threatened. Nick is an exception, no doubt because he likes her independence. Remember when she decided to run for top boy alongside Nick?

Sabrina Spellman and Nick Scratch making a toast to the future.
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He’s treated her as his equal from the start. Unlike Harvey, Nick understands that she doesn’t need a boyfriend to protect her or tell her what to do. She has a mind of her own and surpasses him in ability/talent after signing with the devil. Go, girl! Yet despite this, he knows she trusts him to take care of her when she needs him to.

At Their Lowest Points

Sabrina and Nick are both comfortable relying on each other for support. Like when Sabrina gets attacked in her bathtub when she is powerless and well, naked. Sabrina is completely dependent on Nick to protect her at her weakest state showing that she trusts him. Nick has a moment of the vulnerability of his own when he lies about killing his werewolf familiar.

Sabrina giving Nick a tender forehead kiss.
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He didn’t want to hurt his familiar but feels ashamed about his failure to protect Sabrina. Overcome with emotion, Nick broke down into tears openly in front of Sabrina who didn’t judge him. We knew their love was true.

Why Are Sabrina Spellman & Nick Scratch Are Soulmates?

One of the top anime betrayals was when we discovered that Nicholas Scratch was ordered to get close to Sabrina by Lucifer himself. After seeing her hurt, he quickly reveals that he was drawn to her on his own, long before the devil gave him his task, and that he truly loves her. I mean he’s willing to sacrifice his own happiness for hers.

Despite her anger at his betrayal, her heart belongs to him. Flashback to when Nick worries about their future seeing as dating him goes against the doctrine of mortal/witch unions she works for. He means that she should be dating a mortal. But Sabrina’s heart wants what it wants: Nicholas Scratch, the Warlock. She can picture no one else holding her hand as they step into the unknown together. The fact that she forgives him and wants him by her side no matter what reflects on the love that runs deep between them.

Sabrina Spellman and Nick Scratch, together in an embrace.
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We know their love is strong because they understand each other, even when they’re angry. Cue in Nick being upset after being expelled and choosing to drink his sorrows away. I was pretty worried that this was the end of the line for them after he angrily insults her but Sabrina doesn’t take what Nick says personally, choosing to wait until he sobers up. When he does, he apologizes for being a jerk and further convinces me that Sabrina and Nick are the real deal. They have each other’s backs, know each other pretty well and respect one another. If these aren’t signs of a healthy relationship…

A Love That Knows No Bounds

The choice to revolve the premise of Part Three around Sabrina Spellman rescuing Nick Scratch from Hell says a lot about the future of the couple, straying further from the original comic where Harvey is made out to be her soulmate. But don’t Sabrina and Nick break up at the end of Part Three? Yes, they do, but we truly believe we haven’t seen the last of them.

Nick and Sabrina sharing a heartfelt kiss.
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Nick Scratch was key to helping Sabrina Spellman grow and flourish as a half-witch. He believed in her and made it easier for her to deal with the darkness/evil she was forced to accept. She in return taught him how to love and they gave themselves entirely to it without fear. She also went to hell and back for him. Literally. After going over what the couple has gone through together, we believe their love for one another will bring them back together again. They’re endgame, after all.

Hopefully, the wait won’t be too long for Part Four. Feel free to check out Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures on Netflix. We’ll definitely be binging on their cutest moments together!