Anytown, USA is not just Anytown you want to be in, but one thing I can say is it’s a fun town to be in. That is if you like cannibalism — I am patiently waiting for the spinoff with zombies. The show is helmed and created by Darek Kowal. The first look at Anytown, USA is something you have never seen before.

A Web Series About Cannibalism?

This web series brings the idea of satire and cannibalism to life. Anytown, USA is more than just a satire, though; it has the acting to follow suit. It features not only a diverse cast but a cast who appears to know what they are doing. The satire comes off as a parody when I feel as a watcher, that was the intention. It is hard to make the idea of cannibalism something other than cringeworthy, so Anytown, USA is off to a great bang already.

Weekly Reviews On Anytown, USA!

This week we will be reviewing each episode weekly. The reviews will be honest and pure. There will be three writers who will be reviewing the series (at the moment), so the first half may have a different review than the second half. To have honest reviews, we wanted to make sure we had more than one person on the reviews. That way you can get two opinions for the price of one (and, more if others decide to review them as well!)

If you want more information on Anytown, USA while we review it — you can check out their Official Website, Facebook, and Twitter. You won’t want to miss the awesome that is happening in the next few weeks.