Anytown, USA – Episode 6: “We Have To Kill Grandma” Review

Doesn’t everyone just love childhood homes…? Or maybe not in Molly’s case, but usually it’s pleasant, right? In this week’s episode, we get a Molly (sort of) centered episode where she declares “We have to kill grandma!

But, Ryaaaannnnnnnn, Do We Have To Kill Grandma…?

Molly visits her grandma this week, and Ryan is tagging along with her; while Ryan is cynical about getting older Molly loves the idea because of her rose-colored glasses about her childhood. (More on this later!) She remembers this home being welcoming, delightful, and happy. Little does she know…

She gets into the house to see her grandma in the worst shape she has been in. It smells like poop, literally in the house, she can’t see, her hands don’t work, there’s a weird person in the bathroom (which is another story for another time), and her house is a mess.

That is only half of it, I am sure. Molly tries to stay positive until we get to the middle of the episode where she declares that grandma must be run over by a reindeer… or killed either or works I am sure she’s not picky.

“I know you’re not happy, but you’re a good boy… you’ll be alright.”

After Ryan and Molly, both come to the realization that they cannot kill grandma they settle for a 90s montage. By that, I mean, a montage with the old school music of them cleaning? Exactly like that. It’s quite fun.

At the end of the episode, they have succeeded in cleaning the house, grandma is happy, and Ryan is thankful for her kind words. However, all along, grandma was trying to get Ryan to kill her. Ryan, why don’t you ever listen?


This week was easy sailing for Anytown, USA — it was an excellent episode just to kick back and relax with. Thankfully, so, because last weeks episode still has me messed up in the head. (One of our favorites!) This episode was more practical, less satire and more realism. I mean, minus… the whole killing grandma thing.

What I loved about this episode, in particular, is Molly. She’s the sweetest little thing ever! The dynamic between Ryan and Molly is very opposites attract (not in looks, but personality). Ryan is cynical and realistic, usually able to kill anyone and anything without much remorse. He doesn’t mind telling his friends they’re crappy people… because they are (check a few episodes back).

But, Molly is the type of person to put up with the crap even though it makes her miserable. She is very silver linings and happy-go-lucky very often. She does not think things are going to go bad because who wants to think about the negatives when they can think about the positives? I like the dynamic. For every one cynical there’s always that one that balances it out with the opposite. Ryan and Molly are that.

This episode was very much in light with their marriage dynamic; plus, the montage… (I really liked the montage, okay?) As always, Anytown, USA does not disappoint. While this episode is much more lighthearted than the one(s) before it — it is still a great damn episode.

(Also, looking at you, Darek Kowal… we are waiting for our Anytown, USA hoodie because that thing is RAD!)


Watch more Anytown, USA on their website. There are ten episodes available to watch. We will be reviewing all ten within the next coming weeks, so look forward to our reviews!

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