Anytown, USA – Episode 5, “The Parties” Review


Anytown, USA is going through the motions in this week’s review. Ryan is fed up with the same ol’ day-to-day routine, but aren’t we all? Ryan is battling with his happiness and wondering if it was all worth it.

This is a particularly interesting episode for the subconscious — because as Ryan is talking to his zombie-therapist, we are also thinking about “happiness” as a watcher. I mean, what does it mean to be truly happy?

Even Ryan doesn’t know…or does he?

“The Parties” Overview

The episode begins with a good-dream-therapy session with a zombie or a dead person? Wouldn’t that be a zombie? Anyways, Ryan is tired of faking it till you make it — talking about basic things in the news and pretending you actually care about it with your friends.

The Parties

For the most part, his friends just talk crap on one another when they leave the room. They gossip about one another, and even one throughout the entirety of the episode is so depressed everyone just glosses over it. No one says anything or tries to stop the friend from doing this depressed acts upon himself.

Everyone just wants to make themselves feel better, passing the buck, as they say.

“…because no one likes honesty, it gets in the way of their bullshit.”

Ryan thought he was doing this for his wife, Molly. He thought he was doing the right thing by forcing himself to have these parties — then he realizes Molly hates them just as much as he does. He moved to the suburbs, created this life, his friends are talking about how broke he is — and, yet, he is still unhappy.

Now, the question remains, what would make Ryan happy? I’m sure he doesn’t know the answer to that question — as no one does until you find it. However, Ryan seems to have a battle with his self-conscious zombie about what his life is becoming.

Why does he put up with his friends, why can’t he simply just say: “Hey, can you shut up already — I, no longer, want to hang out with you assholes!” He could, but he won’t. Ryan wants to do what he deems as best for his family, even if it makes him unhappy.

“If everyone were honest, they would know how miserable they are… how they wanted to be someone else — and, settle… Instead, we all stick to that unspoken agreement.”

Take, “The Party” for example — he is doing it because he thinks it was making Molly happy — when, in reality, it wasn’t. This, then, makes him ponder his happiness. He was doing this “party” for so long thinking Molly loved it until he realized she hated it as much as he did.

Everything is all messed up. He thought he was doing this for a better reason and turns out, Molly and Ryan both hate this and this causes him to think about his unhappiness.

So, why put up with it Ryan?

The Truth Of “The Parties”

The episode this week was gratifying, in many ways. We get into the subconscious of Ryan, who is the main character of the show aside from Molly. We see the most of him — and we get into his thought process a lot throughout the series. To have Ryan in an intimate setting with a zombie was absolutely a great take.

I am a huge fan of when series’ get personal; when they cause me to think about my own subconscious and happiness. That is what this weeks episode did for me. What makes Anytown, USA such a great web series to continuously watch is the fact that it’s damn good. Week-by-week it comes with something different and something better than the last episode.

The Parties

This week was a twist because, usually, we get satire and a few laughs, you know? We get something to laugh about — but, this week we got a whole lot to think about instead. I would suggest this episode above all else; it is fantastically written, produced, and directed.

The Verdict

A fantastic episode five — the halfway mark did something perfect for this series overall. A powerful episode from a damn good web series. Catch some feels this week because I sure did. (If you haven’t watched the web series yet, what are you waiting for? It’s great, check it out!)

★★★★★( Bonus ★) 6/5

Watch more Anytown, USA on their website. There are ten episodes available to watch. We will be reviewing all ten within the next coming weeks, so look forward to our reviews!


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