Anytown, USA is all about art this week in episode four — this week Ryan and Molly attend a performance art exhibit hosted by their old friends, Gina and Craig. Their son is the one in the art exhibit.

They rented out a room just to showcase it. Well, as we know with Anytown, USA this will not be just any art exhibit; so, let’s jump right into this episode, and if you dare, you can too.

“Gates communities really are the only way to live; yeah, we thought about giving you guys the passcode but, uh, you know.” *cue Gina’s fake laugh*


This episode starts off by Molly and Ryan greeting their — what can be assumed — old friends, Gina and Craig. However, if bougie is not the word to describe Gina and Craig, please give me a better one. Gina and Craig are what could be defined as fake. Those friends that move up in the world and leave you behind for gated communities and don’t give you the passcode… yeah, that kind of fake.

The entirety of the first minute of episode four is pure hilariousness. Molly and Ryan’s uncomfortableness is exactly how I felt as a watcher. I would constantly be uncomfortable and annoyed at Gina and Craig. They seem to think that their privilege is the most important thing in the world…and their son. I do not know what annoyed me more, Gina’s laugh or the over-the-top “these are reserved” comments Gina made. (She was throwing too much shade!)

A Great Beginning

That is what made for a good start. I am a huge fan of satire and cannibalism is just a huge plus in this series. Throughout this ten minute episode, what made matters even funnier was the child is about a good — forty years old…okay, okay, maybe not forty, but he looked in his thirties. There is also nothing better than a thirty-year-old pulling down his pants to be the official “poocasso.”



The best part was when they added in the Oscar clapping and crying scenes from actors, actresses, singers, and such. That part is what got me laughing the most. Who does not love when people add in the Oscar crying and clapping scenes? Already one for Glen Coco!

A Future Of Poop?

Poocasso then makes Ryan see the future. A future filled with poop… and other poopy things. I mean, other than the poop we have in the world right now already. Ryan then goes to find this “poocasso” and declares he needs to kill him because he will ruin the world.

That is when “poocasso” goes onto admit that he does not even like these poop arts, he just does it because his parents want him to. For no other reason he would be making poop art, he promises Ryan and audience that much… but, does he mean it? We figure out he was onto Ryan all along.

Ryan then murders “poocasso” and Gina and Craig — despite the entirety of the situation — are so obsessed with their son’s “brilliance,” they say he killed himself. Ryan has the knife in his hand, everything points to Ryan, but they say his own brilliance crushed “poocasso,” and that is why he killed himself. Then they still think he is gay when he is not; which is funnier than it needs to be.

The Good…

This episode is pure comedy. Right off the bat, the show begins with Gina and Craig pulling out the laughs. Anytown, USA has got the laughs down — that much we can say. I love the over-the-top acting of the series, satire is meant to be overplayed, and it is done very very well here.

Having seen the previous episodes before this one (I watched them willingly, which says a lot am I right?) I would say it is staying strong. While the show does take a while to get used to, regarding satire and cannibalism, it works, and you end up easing up. The show uses certain aspects of the real world and makes fun of them, and it is entirely hilarious to be able to laugh at certain things.


Gina and Craig being, you know, Gina and Craig…

While no one should like the word “fag” or “faggy,” in Anytown, USA it is so satirical that you cannot help but applaud the show rather than become upset. In the previous episodes, there have been selfies, Nazi’s, and a ton of political or realistic topics that are being made into satire. I feel like, at this time, we need some satire about everything going on in the world.

…& The Lack Of The Bad

I feel like Anytown, USA can do no wrong for me. Granted the previous three reviews have had a “the bad” section in them and I have nothing bad to say about Anytown, USA. They do everything right; which is hard for anyone to do — especially, in a web series format.

The satire is used in a perfect light, cannibalism is a huge plus for me as a watcher, and the actors are rad (and super nice!). This web series brings topics people are sensitive about and makes them hilarious; I cannot fault them for that at all.

The Verdict

Honestly, satire plus comedy equals for a great web series and Anytown, USA has it. They have the acting, the script, and the tone to excel into many more seasons to come of this gem. I laughed, I winced, and I thought about how annoying parents like Gina and Craig are.


O M F G.

What we need is more web series’ like this — I stand behind Anytown, USA because I could watch this web series all day. I mean, I just might. Stay tuned for next week’s review by yours truly — Episode 5, “The Parties.”


Watch more Anytown, USA on their website. There are ten episodes available to watch. We will be reviewing all ten within the next coming weeks, so look forward to our reviews!