Anytown, USA gets emotional in the season finale titled, Part Three. Molly, Ryan, and the family are in deep trouble with polo guy, Brad. Little do they know Lacey is going to come through and save the day — but at what cost? AT. WHAT. COST. Let’s find out!

In the last episode of season 1’s Anytown, USA, everything comes to an end in “Part Three.” Well, as end as it can get in an episode of Anytown. Am I right? This episode begins right where the previous episode ends, which means you should check out Part One and Part Two reviews or episodes before you read this one. Please.

Otherwise, it probably won’t make sense, and you’ll trust the guy with the polo even though you’re not supposed to. His name is Brad, but he is officially the polo guy. Never trust a boy in a polo. Since this finale episode is a continuation of the previous two episodes, it is short and simple with a twist.

Episode 10: Part Three — The Finale

It begins with Brad, the polo guy, sitting at the kitchen table with Molly and Ryan. Within the first, what felt like, few seconds of the episode, Ryan is ready to kill him. Which I would be too; however, he convinced them otherwise. Instead, he convinces them to become Christian and live the holy life.

He convinces them because Molly and Ryan know that Lacey cares for Brad. They know this, and they are aware if they do anything to truly hurt him, Lacey would be distraught. She would either have to do it herself, or they would have to let Brad get away with the pictures.

At the end of the episode, after we know what Lacey has done — we see the family pacing around as if they are figuring out what to do. There was a chance they would have to be on the run, and they knew that Molly and Ryan; but, for Lacey — the cost of it is priceless.

Here Is My Heart, Anytown, USA…

Lacey is the true showrunner this episode. She came through like a lion in the wild and decided to give up someone she cared about for her family who she also cares immensely about. That is bold and some damn good character development. Let me tell ya.

This episode has little dialogue and for a good reason. Other than the hilarious Christianity bit by Brad, we get silence majority of the time. That was different for us. I know I am used to dialogue throughout the majority of the episodes of Anytown, USA (at least somewhat).

This finale is so heartwarming. The ending is one of the more emotional scenes we get from Anytown, USA. The moment we see Lacey (spoiler) kill Brad for her family was the moment my heart cried. When she walked into the house bloody, her family knew and that right there was such a heartwarming moment for me.

I feel like I know Ryan, Molly, and the family just as well as the script they made this show on. To see emotional scenes is gutwrenching for me. This episode is nine minutes long and very important. If you were to ask me what episode is the best of Anytown, USA… I would say all of them. But, I would direct you to Part Three (this one) and Episode 5, The Parties.

There is something emotional about a polo wearing dude named Brad saying I love you and giving Lacey a promise ring before she stabs him in the neck. Also, that was a lot of blood? Do Christians just have a lot of blood in their system? #getthesatire. We at TDF love Anytown, USA and appreciate them letting us review (for better or for worse) every episode of their first season. Here’s to the cast of Anytown, USA!

Anytown, USA is making a second season and who knows, we may even review those too! Look forward to the new season and here’s the trailer if you want to watch for the Twin Peaks vibes.

Overall, this episode gets an A++++ from me, but I rate in stars so:


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