Anya Marina Is An Indie-Pendendent Woman In Her New Web Series: Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman!

This is a sponsored article for the web series, Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman. The Daily Fandom was given a first look at the series and gave our honest opinion about the spin-off. We hope you enjoy and give it a watch when it is released next year in 2019!

Produced by Anya Marina, John Sosis, and Bethany Watson, Anya Marina: Indie-pendent Woman is a brand new web series that follows the ups-and-downs of Anya Marina’s indie music career. The series highlights the struggles of being an independent artist while living in New York City. The first season premieres very soon but we have a scoop for you right now.

Who Is The Real Anya In Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman?

Playing a fictional version of herself, the singer-songwriter Anya Marina navigates the struggles of celebrity in the modern era. A spin-off series, the web series documents her life after she was dropped by her music label. Anya is often accompanied by her bodyguard/personal assistant, Lavar, played by Nigel Fullerton (@thefully).

Credit: Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman (2019)

Not sure what the real Anya is like, but the character she plays in Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman is definitely like no other. She’s almost as if Gina Linetti had a baby with Mariah Carey, but it is unclear if that is a good or bad thing. One thing that is clear is that with her great jokes and wild antics Anya definitely grows on you. At the start of Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman she is dropped by her label and it is hard to sympathize with her; but, by the end of it, you will be rooting for her and her success even if she’s not the most gifted and famous musician in the series. (However, she is very famous outside of the series which proves she is gifted, nonetheless!)

Why Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman Is A Must-Watch!

Aside from Anya, the web series has a great cast of characters. Lavar is continuously relatable and provides many great laughs. He’s not in every episode, but you are lying if you say you don’t miss him when he is gone. There are also some really great guest roles in the series. Grey’s Anatomy fans will be thrilled to see Kate Walsh (Dr. Addison Montgomery). The other characters in this show are positively diverse as well, some of them are just as confused about Anya as you may be and others are just as out there as she is. This provides for great laughs and entertainment.

Credit: Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman (2019)

This series has a lot to offer; did we mention the guest appearance from Kate Walsh? While the mockumentary style has been a little exaggerated since the success of series like The Office and Parks and Recreation, for Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman the format works. The focus is being a celebrity and the lavishness of Anya’s character. So, it makes sense and allows for the individuality to shine.

Credit: Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman (2019)

If you love quirky characters and have a sarcastic sense of humor, Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman is the series for you. The story of a struggling musician in New York City provides endless comical scenarios for Anya to get herself into. It has taken a traditional comedic setup and presented its own spin that will leave you laughing and wanting more.

Where Can You Watch Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman?

The details of its release are coming soon. In the meantime, you can follow @anya_marina (Producer/Lead), @sayitaintsosis (Producer), and @msbethanywatson (Producer) on IG for the newest info on any release dates or locations. We have linked Nigel above if you want to check out his socials as well. Stay tuned for the newest and greatest web series to date: Anya Marina: Indie-Pendent Woman coming soon.

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