If you haven’t heard already, i can’t even. is the new comedy web show that everyone is buzzing about. Created by Hayley and Alyce Adams, the series is an entertaining portrayal of fandom life: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

i can’t even. holds a special place in our hearts here at The Daily Fandom, so we were delighted to be given the opportunity to interview the stars of the show. Louise Cox and Tiana Hogben play fangirls Em and Lex, respectively. We hit them up with some of our burning questions, and these were their responses.

Would you consider yourself more of an Em or a Lex type personality?

Louise: I think I would definitely be more of an Em type, as I love reading, Benedict Cumberbatch, and the original Star Wars trilogy.

Tiana: I definitely identify with both characters but I’d say I’m probably more of a Lex – but I’m a little biased! I injected a lot of my own mannerisms and humour into her so that’s definitely a reason. But her bluntness is very similar to my personality, as is her love for Buffy and Harry Potter. I don’t go around stalking my friends with life size cardboard cut-outs though… much.

 Were you aware of the existence of Tumblr fandoms before being cast in i can’t even?

Louise: Very much so. I’ve lost hours and hours on Tumblr binges.

Tiana: I was, and being a part of i can’t even. has opened my eyes up to that world even more so. It’s so amazingly passionate!

What books/movies/tv shows do you fangirl over in real life?

Louise:  Too many. I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead. I love it so much, especially Carol, I have a Pop! collectable of her. I’m also a huge Lord of the Rings fan, so was really excited to get that photo with Billy Boyd in ‘The Fellowship of Billy Boyd’. I love Firefly, Daria, Pushing Daisies and so many other tv shows. As for books, Harry Potter almost goes without saying and I will read absolutely anything by Neil Gaiman, he’s a genius.

Tiana: This is such a huge question for me. In real life, I fangirl over Buffy, Angel, Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights and Lost, in terms of older shows. Currently over The Flash and Arrow. I’m also a huge comedy nerd. Parks & Rec and The Mindy Project are two of my favourite things. There’s so much more I don’t have time to name!

The lightsaber duel in ‘Join the Dark Side’ was awesome! Was there a lot of preparation involved for that scene?

Louise: There was a lot of preparation for that scene. We met up with a fight choreographer and learnt a routine and practised it. Then we were supposed to do a lot more practising but ran out of time so had to just do it on the day. It was so much fun. I wish every episode had a lightsaber battle.

Tiana: There was. The fight was choreographed for us and it took us quite a while to get the hang of it. Neither of us had ever done anything like it before. We did a lot of practice with the ends of broomsticks!

What was it like to shoot the last episode at a pop culture convention?

Louise:  Awesome. I love cons because it’s all about celebrating geek culture and things that I love. I’ve been to a lot and it’s always such a great atmosphere, it’s almost like Tumblr incarnate, like all the great parts of the internet in a room. Also, there was so much Star Wars stuff because Force Awakens is coming out so soon which was really exciting.

Tiana: It was hectic. We’d never had to deal with such an uncontrolled environment before. But everyone there was so happy and excited to be there, that energy was amazing. It was a huge challenge and it definitely paid off – it’s one of my favourite episodes.

Lastly, the thing we’ve all been dying to know: are there any plans for a second season of the web series?

Louise: It really depends on how this season goes. If we get enough views and people like it, we’d all absolutely love to do a second season. Our writer Alyce has so many ideas. I really would love to.

Tiana: I would absolutely love to! It’s really all up to everyone watching. If there’s enough people who want to see it, then hopefully it’ll happen.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and form prayer circles in the hope that we get to see more of Louise and Tiana’s characters in the future!

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