An Aftermath To Pass On In Flash #51

After the events of Flash War (Flash #51), there were so many possible outcomes on what will happen next to the Flash Family moving forward. Would the aftermath be massive, or would everything get patched up quickly?

Sadly, everything gets fixed swiftly in Flash #51, which is a huge let down to the story arc that occurred previously. There were some good things about this issue, but there were a lot of odd moments. This issue is mainly just set up, with very little occurring, and a very unsatisfactory ending. It is a huge letdown for fans of the series.

Flash #51 Synopsis

Flash #51
Credit: The Flash #51, DC Comics Publishers

This issue begins with a narration from Iris West. She’s on her laptop in a park writing about the life she had before the events of Flashpoint. It has been a few days since Flash War occurred and Wally is on the run still looking for Zoom. Throughout the issue, she reminisces about being at Wally’s birth up to the point to where he became the Flash.

During this moment of recollection, Barry finds Iris. Barry tells her he can’t keep up with Wally. He is doing all he can to stop Wally on his search for Zoom, but nothing is working. She tells him to relax and Wally will contact them when he is ready. After another day of waiting, Wally appears exhausted and is ready to talk to Barry once more.

Moving Forward

Flash #51
Credit: The Flash #51, DC Comics Publishers

With very little occurring in the comic, this issue sets up a lot of storylines for the future. There are pages dedicated to see how the aftermath of the war affected other characters like Wallace and Commander Cold. A few panels are given to Wallace as he gives Barry the cold shoulder and notifies him that he is leaving the family.

Also, there are glimpses of Barry moving Commander Cold into his old apartment as he moves in with Iris. The next issues of this series are going to be an interesting ride. Barry and Iris are going to be dealing with a lot coming soon. Having to talk to Wallace about family, and figuring out a way to get Commander Cold home is going to be a big job.


Credit: The Flash #51, DC Comics Publishers

Skip “The Confrontation” for a spoiler-free review.

The Confrontation

Flash #51
Credit: The Flash #51, DC Comics Publishers

Issue 51 starts off wonderfully because the entire story leads up to a confrontation with Wally and Barry. Then when these two confront each other again it becomes a huge disappointment.

Instead of an interesting argument between these speedsters, fans are given a panel of Iris watching Barry and Wally from the sidelines. She describes how both men are arguing and then we are given one panel showing us this discussion.

After everything, this is all the aftermath we receive. Build up to the war, an amazing story arc, lasting effects that hurt each character and the comic leave us with a panel of fallout. It was like putting tape over a crack saying its fixed. This was a terrible way to finish off an event that should have taken more issues to deal with everything that the war created.

Unnecessary Plug

Credit: The Flash #51, DC Comics Publishers

Even after the terrible events that happened at the end, there was something even more irritating to finish the issue off. Randomly, Wonder Woman and Superman drop down to where Iris, Wally, and Barry are talking.

They arrive to take Wally to a place where he can receive help called Sanctuary. Then readers get a small box in a panel referring readers to an event called Heroes in Crisis. This event is not going to be available to read for another two months, leaving the ending very confusing.

Is Sanctuary good or bad? Also, what does Wally need help with? There is no clear explanation of why Wally is being taken away. Wally just started to be the main character in this series and then after one arc, he is taken away. He was written out of the comic very poorly to step up a future storyline which was the wrong way to handle a fan favorite character.

High Hopes

Flash #51
Credit: The Flash #51, DC Comics Publishers

This comic had lots of potential and it hurts me that nothing came out of it. I was hoping this issue would have had at least a few pages of Wally and Barry talking. The comic could have had a satisfying back and forth between the characters.

Also, the comic could have had a wonderful scene of them forgiving each other. It may have been fast, but if the series wanted them to patch up their problems quickly we should have got more than what we received. The aftermath we actually got was more irritating than a satisfying end to the wonderfully done story arc.

Also, plugging in Hero’s in Crisis was a terrible idea. I would have preferred the Hero stuff be in the next issue rather than this one. Wally is a great character and I hate that he is written out because of his anger and sent somewhere we have no clue about.

He has been written out of the Titans series and now this. I hope he can come back soon. This issue started well but then became a mess. If you are a fan of the series or just a casual fan, I would recommend running past this issue.

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