We can’t be the only ones who appreciated the Dora Milaje in Black Panther. Well, they are back in Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1. From Okoye to Nakia, Black Panther made these girls seem truly badass. However, in the comics, they are not all sugar and cotton candy. Nakia, especially, in the comics version is obsessed with T’Challa instead of merely an ex-girlfriend.

Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1

Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1, 2018

She is so obsessed with T’Challa that she betrays Wakanda, the Milaje, and Okoye. In Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1 we get a glimpse into the badass females from the Dora Milaje with an added Spider-Man on the side. Who would have guessed that this would be the best team-up of 2018?

Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1 written by Nnedi Okorafor, inked and penciled by Alberto Alburquerque, colored by Erick Arciniega, and lettered by VC’s Joe Sabino. And, gosh, do they do a darn fine job on this first issue for Marvel Comics!

Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1 Synopsis

This is going to be a mini-series (1 of 3) with Marvel and Wakanda’s own, the Dora Milaje. They are teaming up with the Marvel Universe on an expenditure of a lifetime to save or deal with Nakia. Everyone is talking about our favorite Black Panther girls after Black Panther released. So, our best warriors are going to be outside of Wakanda and in New York, Spider-Man’s turf.

When Nakia tries to get T’Challa’s attention — she gets the Dora Milajes’ attention instead. Just what she needed, right? Nonetheless, Okoye and her best warriors, Ayo and Aneka are leaping into action in this new Marvel mini-series. The protection of Wakanda and America starts here…

Can We Get “Thank You, Marvel” For $1000, Alex?

Just what we needed was more Okoye, Ayo, and Aneka. At least, that is what we needed. After Black Panther, putting these warriors in their own mini-series was long overdue. Having them team up with the teen, Peter Parker A.K.A. Spider-Man was even better for a first issue. The writing by Nnedi Okorafor is impeccable.

Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1

Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1, 2018

As we know these characters, either from Black Panther the film or the comics, we are aware of how they are. We never want to feel as though they changed. In such respectable characters that can happen easily, however, not in this case. From the film to the comics, we get the same Ayo, the same Okoye, and the same Aneka.

And, even the same Nakia from the comics lore of Black Panther. Spider-Man is one of the best assets in this issue other than the warriors themselves. Peter is comedic relief, in a very good way, his teenage angst for doing anything is relatable… sadly. The writing truly does make it a fun read for both the warriors themselves and Spider-Man. You can even bring Hydro-Man in the mix too.

The Art, The Art… Is Just Fantastic, Too!

All of the masterminds behind the art are as follows: Alberto AlburquerqueErick Arciniega, and VC’s Joe Sabino. They all do a terrific job on this issue. From Hydro-Man’s water scenes to the warriors in the middle of Brooklyn and in New York — the art is something exceptional.

Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1

Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1, 2018

In addition to the writing, it is incredible to witness the art beside it. Spider-Man looks impressive, Nakia truly looks like she is becoming deranged (in a good way, that is her character arc for the most part), and the warriors take the stage. We love that the warriors stand true to their signature look. What more could you ask for in a Black Panther centered comic? Exactly.

Go Buy It!

If you were on the fence about it or wondering if you should get this issue. Get it. It’s entirely too much fun, and we get major Spider-Man comedy throughout. (Which we love!) In all honesty, can we get an outfit like the Dora Milaje’s? We would personally love an outfit as gorgeous as the Dora Milaje’s ‘fit. Comic Wednesday will never be the same after this mini-series ends.

Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1 by Nnedi Okorafor, Alberto Alburquerque, Erick Arciniega, and VC's Joe Sabino.