Vengeance, Nevada #1 written by B.J. Mendelson. On the comic, we have cover art by Isidore Koliavras and central art/lettering by Peter Czaplarski. B.J. Mendelson is an author with books like Social Media is Bullshit and Privacy: And How We Get It Back. 

Progressing into Vengeance, Nevada #1 by Comixology, we knew one thing: be careful what you wish for. The synopsis for this comic delves down to one sentence, and that makes for an interesting head first, dive in. However, the genre is horror and superhero, so let’s see what Vengeance, Nevada #1 is all about!

Vengeance, Nevada #1 Turns Things Around…

What stands out about Vengeance, Nevada #1 are the tones. This comic is predominately in black and white, minus a few instances of color that add to the plot. The main character, Kristen’s stories are in black and white; however, Cyntharians stories are in color.

This is an interesting and powerful way to create a color dynamic in a comic. A powerful move that was executed quite well throughout Vengeance, Nevada #1. Between the art, we get powerful imagery, even in black and white. There are moments when the speech bubbles are outlines, colored, or just plain black and white.

What is intriguing about this particular style is it all means something. It’s up to you to figure it out, but it all means something in terms of plot, and who is saying what. The interpretation is there, but as a reader, it is something you will have to pick up on as you read this first issue.

“The Dead Cannot Speak”

While this comic has a genre of horror, it is very historical science fiction at times. With the use of different languages and different times in history and religion (or, at least, what can be assumed to be some sort of religious entity). Vengeance, Nevada #1 brings the writing aspect to the table. Someone like Mendelson, who has experience in writing (as an author) this was a piece of cake.

The writing is unquestionably there. Since the plot is not linear and bounces from past to present, you are gaining insight on Kristen as well as learning where she came from. Aside from that, you are also learning where she is headed. This first issue leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

While, at times, you can become confused with the non-linear plot, it all makes sense or will make sense in the issues to come. There’s always a method to anyone’s madness. Usually, black and white comics are hard to sell, especially in such a colored world when it comes to the comic book medium. Nonetheless, Vengeance, Nevada #1 is a sell.

Do We Have A Verdict?

Vengeance, Nevada #1 is honestly rather enjoyable. While the art might throw you off for a second (at max) you get used to it as you continue to read the issue. Czaplarski does a fantastic job at the lettering and art in this issue. Without a doubt, some of the finest black and white art I have seen in the comic book medium.

If I were to catch this comic on Comixology and didn’t know much about it other than “be careful what you wish for” I would buy it. The comic is $2.99 on Comixology, we would say it’s worth it. It is an interesting issue in terms of plot and writing, especially. This is not a comic that is going on a singular path. Nonetheless, that is what makes it enjoyable.

While the plot may not be singular, it will all make sense in the end. And, I trust Mendelson to do so. We will be checking out the second issue to see where this story unfolds. But, if you like black and white art, good writing, and a weirdly interesting plot — get this issue.

It’s capricious and what is life without a little capricious?

What’s Up With The Scores?

The scores add up to the fact that we don’t know much about the characters and where it’s going just yet. We have a solid grasp of the concept and the characters in this issue, but we would love to see more about Jake. More about the death that happens in this issue.

More about what Kristen does. Also about that cliffhanger ending. This issue is a solid 94% from us. We were sent this comic without any synopsis or insight into what the comic was. It is not an advanced review, but we can lead you to go buy it from Comixology.

Vengeance, Nevada #1 by B.J. Mendelson and Peter Czaplarski.
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