New Adventures, Same Super Sons In Adventures of the Super Sons #1

Adventures of the Super Sons. A Cover. Dan Mora

Back in February when writer Peter J. Tomasi Tweeted that DC’s Super Sons was set for the chopping block, I was heartbroken. Of all the Rebirth titles, Super Sons (and, Adventures of the Super Sons #1) was easily my favorite. What’s not to love about the sons of Batman and Superman coming together to form their own team?

And much like their fathers, they don’t see eye to eye, yet they manage to make the relationship work. But I’m glad my worries were quickly put to rest. News that the characters were returning in another series soon blossomed. Although this isn’t a straight continuation because Adventures of the Super Sons #1 happens during the first series.

Familiar Territory For The Super Sons

Thankfully, Peter J. Tomasi is writing Adventures of the Super Sons, so the dynamic between Jonathon Kent and Damien Wayne remains. Jonathon is still the optimist and Damien the brooding cynic. The way that these two play off of each other gives a flow so the reader can catch up without having to read the previous series (even if it’s recommended).

The first two panels give a small nod to the reader who is familiar with the Super Sons, but can also be read in a way that doesn’t require much prior knowledge. By the second page, we already get a full understanding of how these two characters interact and work with each other. Their relationship is like a physical Ying and Yang. They bicker and fight, but at the end of the day, they are still a team who have each other’s backs.

Adventures of the Super Sons #1. DC Comics
Adventures of the Super Sons #1. DC Comics

Summer Of Super

Adventures of the Super Sons #1 is the first in a twelve issue maxi-series that does a good job of setting up what’s to come. The boys are fresh out of school for the summer and adventures await. Unlike most pre-teens, their summer won’t be spent playing video games.

Instead, they’ll face a team of intergalactic travelers who believe themselves to be heroes. As of now, their reasons for hunting the Super Sons are unknown, but it’s definitely trouble. The actions this group takes are anything but heroic. Jonathon and Damien end up in a situation that really wants me to stick around for the next issue, and especially for the full run.

Bringing The Fun To The Page

Adventures of the Super Sons #1. DC Comics.

Adventures of the Super Sons #1 has two covers to choose from. The A cover is done by Dan Mora and the B cover by Jorge Jimenez, one of the artists for the first Super Sons series. It was tough to pick one over the other, but Jimenez’ illustration is just a little too clever.

Carlo Barberi handles the interiors and he, like Peter Tomasi, is no stranger to the Super Sons. He penciled some issues from the first series. One of my favorite things about Carlo’s interiors are the layouts and facial expressions he gives to Jonathon and Damien. One could likely go through the book without reading any dialogue and be able to understand what is going on.

More importantly, one would have no problem understanding the relationship between the two characters. Jonathon’s happy-go-lucky attitude is constant. Likewise, Damien’s trademark scowl and narrowed eyes are always present. It isn’t easy to remember that, yeah, this is totally Batman’s kid.

Adventures of the Super Sons #1. DC Comics
Adventures of the Super Sons #1. DC Comics.

One of the better aspects of this book is the action sequences. Carlos really excites, having the fights flow in a smooth and natural way. Your eyes want to jump from one image to the next anticipating what’s to come, but also stay so that you can take in and enjoy the image.

One of the things that I enjoy most about illustrators who draw Jonathon and Damien correctly is when they look like children. Yes, they are superheroes, but they are still scrawny preteens. Instead of looking like short versions of heroes, they look as they should.

Here’s To The Next 11 Issues Of Adventures of the Super Sons #1

All in all, I’m glad that the Super Sons return for a 12 issue series. Not only do we see their relationship continue to grow, but we also get to see their skills improve too. Damien is really coming into his own as a team member and Jonathon is always learning how to enhance his powers.

Each new group of villains they face poses a new challenge, and this book ends with quite a challenge. As the issues close, their situation seems bleak, but I guess we’ll have to wait for issue #2.

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