A fresh new web series is on the radar, by fresh and new we mean it only has two episodes to air so far. It’s called, Adventures In #Adulting. The hashtag is always used because #adulting is hard work.

This is a web series that explores all the woes of being an adult, good and bad. We need more shows focusing on #adulting because it’s not easy and as much as our parents say it’s easy, it’s not.

“The mutual quest is that of love, adventure, and true happiness – but at what cost?”

Adventures In #Adulting follows Corey Caruso, an unmotivated 30-something living in Portland. Corey is unwilling stuck in the past, well, the 90s to be exact. I mean, we all love the 90s, I know I do. One could say that was the best time of our lives, but Corey is spending too much time in the 90s, you know?

Corey is not the only one #adulting, he has friends Claire, Josh, Paul, Annie, and Gina accompanying him along the way. They each have their own “adulting” woes throughout the series. Not just woes, though, it’s fun too. They have hilarious encounters with eccentric characters.

If you love the 90s, love #adulting (well, not feeling alone in #adulting), and web series — this is for you. You will not regret giving this web series a watch, and you don’t have to binge too many episodes. They are releasing fresh, so you only have to catch up on two.

The next episode should have released on October 13th, and you can catch the first episode below.

If you want to find out more about Adventures In #Adulting, you can go here!