A while back we did a review of issue #1 of Jazz Legend. Which received a one-hundred percent review! Since then, we have been keeping up with what JC Lacek is throwing down under Scout Comics with this series. Jazz Legend #2 isn’t hitting stores until June 27th, 2018. Nonetheless, we got a sneak preview of all four issues, including Jazz Legend #4. 

Jazz Legend #4

Jazz Legend #4, Scout Comics 2018.

Little did we know, Jazz Legend #4 is going to be the best issue yet. The story is coming to fruition, and the art is still one of the greatest aspects of this seriesJazz Legend #4 under Scout Comics is a game-changer, in the best way possible.

The comic is written by JC Lacek and art by Vincent Dubourg in Jazz Legend #4. This comic is available for direct and comic shop ordering.


This comic is intended for adults; it has adult themes, topics, and writing. Beware when reading that it will contain adult themes not suitable for children younger than 16, to be safe 18+ would be suitable.

What Is Jazz Legend #4 About?

The city is, Motocity. And, Motocity has found an unusually new drug, and the effects of it are… unlike anything else. You get into a psychedelic dreamscape with visions of animalistic abominations and god-like humanoids.

One of the main characters, Martin Comity, lives for two things: 1. Playing jazz, 2. And, his next fix. His ‘fixes’ come in the form of sex, alcohol, drugs, and jazz… not in that order. When Martin turns to this new drug, it becomes an obsession. He starts to lose his grip on reality, but did he ever really have a grasp on it in the first place?

Jazz Legend #4

Jazz Legend #4, Scout Comics 2018.

Benjamin Way starts to take an interest in Martin, he knows about the darkness. That is because he has visions of his own, he knows what Martin is going through. Jazz Legend was inspired by jazz great Miles Davis and the father of beat literature William S. Burroughs.

Leading Up To Jazz Legend #4

Leading up to Jazz Legend #4, Motocity is becoming a drug-infested town. Between Martin realizing that his visions aren’t so fake after all, and Benjamin Way becoming the middle source of secrets, what more can we expect? A whole lot more, that much we can tell you.

Between the first three issues, the plot is forming into something bigger with Jazz Legend #4. Once you reach this issue in August, everything will slowly fall into place. Martin isn’t just someone — he is bigger and brighter and profoundly more powerful in the world of Motocity.

Jazz Legend #4

Jazz Legend #4, Scout Comics 2018.

We expressed our liking for the writing and the art of this series. And — if anything — Jazz Legend #4 is the peak of what great this series can be capable of. The writing is stronger, the art is fantastic to look at — and, above all else, this issue as a whole is just downright transcendent.

The Previous Issues

As mentioned before, the previous issues lead up to what you will see in Jazz Legend #4. There is more than just a story here, there is lore. Before issue #4, the lore is not notable to the plot. However, the lore is prominent by the fourth issue. You understand what is happening, why it is happening, and what the aftermath will be.

It begins at the fourth issue and will go into depths that — we feel — no other comic has been accomplishing yet. The characters of both Martin and Benjamin Way are expanded upon tremendously in Jazz Legend #4. 

After reading, we know more about the background of Benjamin and Martin, and even characters you meet in previous issues as well. Everyone is onto everyone — for good reason — and everyone that is brought into this comic is there for a reason.

Jazz Legend #4

Jazz Legend #4, Scout Comics 2018.

Either they will be, or they already have been. It all makes sense, trust us.

Last Thoughts About Jazz Legend #4

There aren’t any cons to this series; more often than not, it excels in art and writing, especially coloring and lettering as well. The writing by #4 is at the top of its game and the art is even better.

That is not to say the previous three were, by any means, poor — they were just as goodHowever, you can see everything is coming to fruition by this fourth issue. And, that adds even more to the concept of the writing and the art. There are excellent moments in this issue that will grab your attention.

Without spoiling too much until you get to this issue in August, we will say that this issue answers a lot of questions. Any questions you may have had while reading or anything you wanted to expand upon. By the time we got to the fourth issue, all of our questions were answered and more. Granted, we then had more questions because of the vast things that happen in this issue. However, that is a good thing!

Jazz Legend #4 comes out August 29th, 2018.

Jazz Legend #4 by JC Lacek and Vincent Dubourg
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