‘Adulting’ web series should be on your radar, and why? Because we are all adulting in some way. I, personally, use this word on a daily: adulting this, adulting that, adulting what? This fresh, new, and diverse take on adulting just came out, a few days ago. That means it’s a new and fresh series for you to watch and who doesn’t love that?

What Is Adulting About?

This series focuses on the harsh, and we mean harsh realities of an adult, being an adult, and surviving as an adult. And, what makes this series even more relatable is… it’s shown through a millennial character’s eyes — Sierra. She is a young college grad, like many of us are, and she’s venturing into the real world. The harsh real world that no one likes to talk about. The “real world” is teaching her more than anyone did in a classroom.

This is a relatable and something every twenty-something should give a watch. I know I will be. The first episode is titled, “Adulting is Hard.” It is now on YouTube, and you can even watch it below. The first episode is:

Welcome to the world of Adulting as Sierra gets pulled over for running a “red” light and comes to the reality of adulthood as she has to weigh her options by handling it on her own. She and her best friend Amber try to come up with the “plan.”

The first episode is humorous, witty, and millennial. You didn’t know you needed this until now, trust me. Anyone in post-grad feeling unmotivated about being graduated this one is for you. You deserve it, so give it a watch. You will not regret it.

In ‘Adulting’ life is never truly as it seems. If you watch to check out more of this show, you can catch them on — Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.