Actor Kim Sung-kyu’s profile and list of movies and dramas! Read on to find out if he married?

Kim Sung-kyu is an actor with a South Korean base who made popular appearances in the movies “The Outlaws” (2017), The Gangster, The Cop and The Devil (2019) and the Netflix series “Kingdom” (2019).

Kim Sung-kyu’s amazing skills as an actor make him capable of performing different character types with adeptness and ease. Therefore, he has been able to command worldwide acclaim within a very short time in his career.  

Since Kim Sung-kyu has been a theater actor for a long time and has only been known in the world of entertainment for a short time, we do not find much information about him.

Here I have compiled Kim Sung-kyu’s profile, the list of movies and dramas he has starred in, information about his marriage and his Instagram details.

Kim Sung-kyu as seen in Half of the Half

Profile of Kim Sung-kyu

Born on January 6, 1986

Height: 173 cm

Graduated from the Department of Theatre and Film Studies, Daejin University

Kim Sung-kyu was in the dance club in high school and dreamed of becoming a dancer professionally.

He started studying acting inspired by one of his seniors in the dance club who performed in a musical after graduation. Motivated by this example, Kim Sung-kyu wanted to try it himself.

Kim Sung-kyu never had any big dreams of acting as a career. He started acting only as a matter of interest. 

He practiced acting at the theater and film department in his college for long hours and most of the time he was seen at work perfecting his acting skills.

Kim Sung-kyu featured on the top cover of W Korea April 2020 issue

He was involved in so many productions that his friends would tease him saying, “Your prime years were spent only at the college.” 

After graduating from college, he founded a theater company with his friends and worked very hard as the founding member to build up the brand image of the entertainment firm.

During his theater years, he also did various part-time jobs. When he worked as a sales clerk at a department store, he was scouted to become a full-time employee because of his vocal ability as a theater actor.

Kim Sung-kyu’s production activities were initially confined only to theater productions. He developed his skills only as a theater actor and not as a prolific stage actor. 

In 2014, he made his screen debut in a minor role in the film “The Con Artists.” Since then, he had a minor role in the film “Tunnel (2016),” and his face became very well known when he played the role of Yang-tae, a ruthless criminal while starring in “The Outlaws” in 2017.

More than 1,200 candidates participated in the audition. As soon as the director Yoon-Seong Kang saw Kim Sung-kyu, he felt he would be the perfect choice for Yang-tae’s role. While Kim Sung-kyu had intended to audition only for a minor role, he was chosen for the most prominent role of Yong Tae.

After his thumping success in this movie, he was chosen to play the role of a serial killer in the movie, “The Accidental Detective 2: In Action.”

While listing the reasons for casting Kim Sung-kyu, the director Eon-hie Lee said, “I liked Kim Sung-kyu’s face when I first saw him. There was a strange light in his eyes, strong yet delicate, soft yet evil looking, and a mysterious sadness”.

Kim Sung-kyu in Half of the Half Last show

To play this role, Kim Sung-kyu had to reduce his body weight from 63 kg to 56 kg. His role in the film led him to the red carpet at the Cannes International Film Festival.

In 2019, he made his drama debut in Netflix’s “Kingdom,” where he played the role of Yeon-Shin, who has excellent fighting skills and a mysterious personality.

Kim Sung-kyu has the shrewdness to become one with the role he performs. He is able to show an impressive performance across different character types which surprises his audience.

The 2020 drama “A Piece of Your Mind” has one of his best rated roles.  

With his multifaceted acting ability, he is identified as a versatile actor and is currently peaking in popularity In 2021, Kim Sung-kyu won the Best New Actor Award at the Golden Cinema Film Festival for starring as Kang Kyung-ho in the movie The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil.

List of movies and dramas of actor Kim Sung-kyu

Kim Sung-kyu in Movies

2014The Con ArtistsDetective team member
2016TunnelCivic group member
2017The OutlawsYang-tae
2018The Accidental Detective 2: In ActionLee Dae-hyun
2019The Gangster, The Cop The DevilKang Kyung-ho
Kim Sung-kyu at the end of a day’s shooting

Kim Sung-kyu in Dramas  

2021One Ordinary DayDo Ji-tae
2022The King of PigsJung Jong-seok
Kim Sung-kyu with the cast in Kingdom 2
Kim Sung-kyu starring in One Day
Kim Sung-kyu with the King of Pigs cast
Kim Sung-kyu in a shooting

Is Kim Sung-kyu married?

Kim Sung-kyu is 36 years old as of 2022.

According to our research, he is unmarried and lives alone.

He has a pet cat, and when he talks to it, he often says, “I may move to an interesting part of my life..” So, we have reasons to conclude that he might come to be known for a love romance in the near future.

Kim Sung-kyu’s pet can Denis in action

Interviews about his love life are hard to come by. Therefore, we have no information about his girlfriend or if he has one. 

Kim Sung-kyu’s Instagram

Kim Sung-kyu is on Instagram as @kimsungkyu_official

Kim Sung-kyu thanks his fans for the birthday gift
Kim Sung-kyu showing the title cover of Kingdom 2

Translation: Kingdom 2 is finally here. Enjoy and see you on March 13th. Take care.

A shot from Kim Sung-kyu’s next film
After watching The King of Pigs Kim Sung-kyu wonders if his pet cat Denis is the actor
Can you guess these faces among the King of Pigs cast
Kim Sung-kyu dreaming amidst recording
Kim Sung-kyu going out with his manager to watch Crime City
Kim Sung-kyu in The King of Pigs
Kim Sung-kyu joining the ThanksGivingChallenge during Covid 19
Kim Sung-kyu seen with Kyungwon hyung and Heejerang in One Day
Kim Sung-kyu showcasing the tatoos on his back
Kim Sung-kyu starring in Half of the Half
The King of Pigs poster
Title slide of Hansan movie


In the Netflix drama “Kingdom,” Kim Sung-kyu’s most amazing potential as an actor has come to the surface. Though it is his debut drama, it could attract worldwide attention. 

His role in the movie “The Gangster, The Cop The Devil” in 2019, meant a giant leap forward for Kim Sung-kyu in his career in the entertainment industry. The latest roles he has played have further added to his profile shooting him up into popularity.

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